Friday, July 24, 2009


Tonight my daughter and I have concert tickets to see Rascal Flats
It is pouring and major thunder storm up in West Palm Beach right now.
We are hoping it clears so we can actually see the concert. We didn't even attempt
to go up and see Toby Keith a few weeks ago at the same venue. We got a concert package
a few months ago that was really reasonable. The only problem is we got lawn seats.
It's a chance we take when we see concerts up there. Most of the time we get lucky.
But some times we get drenched. George Strait was good but called it early when it was
crashing on our heads. Alan Jackson the same. But when it's good, boy is it good.
so tonight we are going to chance it and drive an hour in hopes the storm moves out.
Beach chairs, ponchos, shorts and flip flops. We are going.

Now I love live music. It is my addiction. Wow are there some great concerts coming up.
Bruce Springsteen is coming back in September. I am a Jersey Girl. Gotta Go.

Alan Jackson is coming back and going to be local. I am going to the box office for this one
and picking out my seats. Aerosmith postponed their concert 2 weeks ago. Steven Tyler hurt himself.
So I am sitting on those tickets.

And last but not least we are seeing Brad Paisley in October. Now if I can just get Kenny Chesney back down here
I would really be a happy girl. Haven't seen him yet. But we will.

My motorcycle is back in the shop. The seal around my bearings on the front tire sprang a leak. Not supposed to happen.
It's done. But I will pick it up in the morning. Then take off on a ride. Weather permitting.
I am looking at getting the extended warranty. Thank God for warranties.

My root canal is finally over and my mouth has finally calmed down. The crowns go on in 2 weeks. After my jaw settles down.
I am so over the Dentist this summer. This is the European vacation I have always wanted. $$$$$$$$ I have definitely had more fun for less. Two root canals in 3 months is more than enough pain for anyone. I have developed an extreme dislike for any dentist this summer. I don't care how nice they are.

Have an awesome weekend. Mine will be low key with no company.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Meet Tonka!!!

My son flew up to Minneapolis yesterday to pick up his new puppy. He was sitting in my living room by 11 last night showing off his huge new baby. I guess I have a new grand dog.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just a few shots of Hollywood beach. Florida that is.

I was down on the boardwalk with another photographer friend taking pictures the other night. He usually does portraits. I shoot landscape, adventure, architecture. We had such different views that we are going to a favorite haunt of mine to take some pictures on Sunday. It's really fun just taking pictures and roaming with another person who gets the stopping and the pace of just taking pictures.

I ended up getting another root canal today. I went to my dentist who immediately turfed me out to the endodontist. Who nicely fit me in this morning. My jaw is now just thawing out from all the numbing stuff she shot into it. I like her. She's good. I doubt she would be insulted if I said "how about I not see you for awhile" 2 root canals in 4 months is a pricey thing for sure. Let's just hope this got rid of the mouth issues for awhile. Now I have to go back to her on Monday to finish up the root canal. Then the dentist to put on the 2 crowns (Kachink) that the prep work started this latest root canal issue a month ago. I am so over the dentist I am starting to have anxiety attacks just thinking about going to another appt.

My "wusband" is coming down this weekend again. He is having adjustment issues with being back home and at work. The pace, patients, etc are just so unreal after 4 months in Bagdad. I offered him the option of hanging down here on weekends so he can be around people who love him and care about him. Not just his patients in his town he lives in. One of the reason I left the area. We couldn't even go to the grocery store with out patients coming up to us. No privacy. He can at least unwind and relax down here. I guess he used to run away on weekends to his ex girlfriends house 30 minutes away. Oh well, not my problem. I just have a big heart and a peaceful house.

So what are your plans for the weekend?

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Today is my daughter in laws 29th birthday. We are going out for Thai food tonight.
I think the kids plan on partying later. My daughter is making her a carrot cake and she
is requesting it for tomorrow so her family can enjoy it.

My gift to her is going to the Aerosmith concert on Monday with her and my son.
The concert is going to be killer. I wanted to go see the concert and asked my oldest
if he wanted to go. He said Caro would love it also. I found a gift for her without shopping.
I really hate going shopping.

I was kind of hoping for a beach day. But it is really cloudy. So I guess I will hop on my bike and
go riding.

Yesterday I went with some people from the poker school and played poker in a casino for the first time.
I lasted for an hour and lost my money. I was also bored by the time I pushed my chips all in.
I have no clue how anyone can just sit there and play cards all day and night. I will never have a gambling
problem for sure. I can't sit still long enough and I hate loosing money. Loosing$30 pissed me off.
I would rather spend the money going to a good concert and listening to music.

What is everyone else doing?

Sunday, July 05, 2009

My family on the 4t of July.

My adopted daughter Andrea joined us on the beach, ( she is getting back into being a south florida girl after being on the west coast for 6 years), my daughters boyfriend O'Meil and I was holding my neighbors little guy ( my adopted grandson, since i don't have any) Keenan. My neighbors joined us for the day. Then we had a joint BBQ. fun times. Then my boys and I headed up to the beach for fireworks. We watched fireworks up and down the beach from Fort Lauderdale to Miami.

My wusband passed on fireworks. He has heard enough mortor fire for a life time I think. He has enjoyed sleeping without bombs going off.

Have an awesome Sunday. The sun is out and we are heading up to the beach for a family brunch at my friends restaurant. Then Chris is heading back to his real life in central Florida and back to work he goes. Hopefully he will start coming down and hanging out with the kids more often now.