Wednesday, December 30, 2009


As we paddle off into the sunset of another year. I hope everyone had a very eventful and happy and healthy 2009.

Mine has been eventful. I gained a few friends. Good additions. Real people who love to ride motorcycles.

Lost a few friends due to crappy behavior. I don't loose friends often, but sometimes you just have to cut the ties.

I lost my girlfriend Judy after a long battle with cancer.. My friend Walter is doing great after battling accute mylogenic leukemia.
My girlfriend Nancy made it to Christmas and seems determined to see 2010. We have no idea how she is doing it. She is back home and has hospice and in home nursing care. The toll and expense is very high for her Wusband Danny. He is having a really tough time coping since this has all fallen on his shoulders. Her behavior and mood swings are totally out there and her body is breaking down.

I have a new boyfriend. He's nice and we are taking things nice and slow and getting to know each other. He is a pilot and comes and goes. My kind of boyfriend for sure. Not under my feet. He also rides, and doesn't mind my independence. Which is a plus. 2010 should be interesting. He's interesting, fun to be around and actually says what he means. A guy who is not afraid to talk and ask questions. A novelty for sure. Oh and he is smart. I like smart guys. He is in Iowa with his kids thru the New Year. He was supposed to be here with the kids but couldn't get in due to flight cancelations and over bookings. Oh well. He will be back on Saturday. Not making it in with the kids opened up a few days over the weekend. Now he doesn't have to try and get them back to Iowa. It seems everyone wants to be in Florida over the holidays. I can't imagine why. ;-}

My kids are all doing great. They seem happy and in good places in their personal lives.

I am looking for a job come January. I am not sure doing what. But I am giving up dealing cards. I will put my applications back out. Hit a week of school to keep it up. But not really pursuing that venue.

My wusband is coming around after his tour in Iraq. The after affects are disappearing and he spent 5 days down here over Christmas. Nice and peaceful. Hopefully the friendship we are slowly building will last. That would be nice.

New Years Eve I will be with my friends up on the beach. My daughter and her boyfriend are staying in also. I never ever drink and party on New Years Eve and I usually am sound asleep by midnight. Why break my tradition now. I will more than likely go watch the sun come up on New Years day by myself.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009


The pictures are my outside lights courtesy of my friend Bud who was a really good sport hanging lights into the palm fronds. It took almost 7 hours.

My Christmas tree ( a little blurry)

And a table full of tequila from a memorial service for a local biker who died of a heart attack. I love the picture.

So have a shot of tequila from me to you and stay warm this Christmas.

Friday, December 18, 2009

We had over 10 inches of rain in 2 days. Yikes. We needed some water wings for our cars. Stranded cars on all the side streets. We got creamed for sure. I haven't moved my car. I would have gotten stuck for sure.

Several of us are riding all weekend. It's going to be nice and cool outside for a change. Leather jackets finally.

Have a fun and enjoyable weekend for everyone up north.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

As with the ocean life is ever changing.

On the good side my oldest son has gotten a job with his old boss doing what he loves in Interior design. His former boss left the old company to start up his own. His intention was always to bring Chris Jr with him. When Chris was fired a month ago from his old job, he looked around, (nothing of course), Bruce wanted him on board but didn't have the $$$. So Chris has been doing what he does best for Bruce and worked for free until the money came in. Things moved much quicker with Chris around and the contract finally started bringing in some much needed cash for everyone. Chris got a weeks paycheck last week and the owed money hopefully gets paid this week. Merry Christmas to my oldest child.

Now for the sad part of my life. My best friend Nancy is in the hospital in the end stages of alcoholism. She is in ICU. The Dr's won't tell her wusband Danny how long, she refused to sign a living will. There is no hope for anything at this point. My wusband says it's the beginning of the end and she shouldn't make it to Christmas. We didn't think she would. What a sad and senseless journey this has been. Her wusband Danny has been thru hell and back with her but never left her hanging and homeless. As much as we have loved her and tried to get her help, the need for booze was her siren call. What a waste of such a talented artist and person. If the situation was reversed she would have been there for us. Danny and I have become best of friends thru this ordeal. Thank God for Alanon for him these last 7 years. As we have talked about many times, our beloved Nancy left us years ago into the bottle. She is not who she is today and we try very hard not to take what came out of her mouth personally. But it has been really tough.

My youngest will be joining a salon in January as a massage therapist. He will be renting a sound proof room in the salon and operating out of there. Life is ever changing.

My daughter is almost done with her instructions to become a yoga instructor. Who would have thought that is a direction she would have taken.

As for me I really need to find a job in January. I am bored and not having any luck getting a dealing job.

I will be doing a few photo shoots in the next few weeks. I would love to make a living with my camera. I will still try and get a job with the biker magazine but my exboyfriends girlfriend struck again and trashed me to the editor. Who happens to like me and thought the girl was nuts. I had explained to her my change in phone #'s and she had known about the harassment on the bike trip. If I were her I wouldn't have me work for her either right now due to the unstable nature of the girl and her tendency to show up at events and try to cause trouble for me. She is a business person after all.

Like I said life is ever changing. The drama that came my way is so unlike my life. My motto has always been "DO NO HARM".

Just a few thoughts for a Tuesday. Time for the gym.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I almost bought this for myself today.
I figured maybe I would get a gift under the tree.
But novelty tees are not my thing. Maybe if you can wear them more than a few weeks a year.
I started Christmas shopping today. I made some progress but treated myself really well.
I am so bad.

How is your shopping coming along?

Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Our 2009 family holiday photo.