Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day.

What are your plans for this long weekend?

I have been riding my bike every day. Yesterday was a ride up the coast to Palm Beach with a friend. Gorgeous riding day. It was a toss up of riding or a beach day.

This past week I started casino dealer school. It is time for me to go back to work. It seems that the only people making money down here are in the casinos. So why not join them. I don't gamble, so I seriously doubt I will get sucked into the environment. They moved the poker tables in the local casino into a free standing room. No slots, no smoking, etc. Now that really works for me.

I got my car back from the body shop. I got hit by a 100 pound dog in my drivers door a few weeks ago. The dog was still alive the last I saw. The dog evidently bolted from their apartment and went straight into my car full speed. It's a very good thing I have a little car.

My son is back home for awhile. The full house is sure full. But it's fun having him around. I sure see my oldest more with his brother around. My oldest keeps dropping off his dog for play time while they all go out.

So what has been going on in your life lately?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Mothers Day was spent on the beach with my kids.

I had to laugh when they all laid down and took a nap.
Now why wouldn't they do that when they were small and I needed a break?

All in all it was a really nice and peaceful day.

I hope everyone else had a super peaceful day also.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Monday, May 05, 2008

Welcome to another week in sunny South Florida.

Bruce Springsteen finally made it down here for the concert.
I went with my youngest and he just rocked the house non stop for 3 hours.
My son was impressed and will go again.

Saturday was busy. A friend of mine and I went riding in the morning and out to breakfast on the beach in Fort Lauderdale. We stopped by the Mercedes dealership to pick up a key he ordered and I got to sit in a $500,000 car. Sweet. No we were on our bikes and looked it. The sales guys all saw us arrive. Now this car sits really low, and is a bear to get out of. I wouldn't want to get out of it in a dress.

I know more got home , met my new neighbors (nice), and my phone rang. Beach time. So I threw my suit on and headed out.
My friend from the gym who gives me massages for free, needed a massage. So while he got a massage from me, he drifted listening to the sounds of the ocean with the sun beating down on us. He got a 3 hour massage. We go to the beach together all the time. He gives me massages on the beach too. Peaceful. After the massage he tried to stand up. He was mush. But we jumped in the ocean and cooled off.

I got home and my phone rang again. My morning friend was on his way over and we rode the bikes down town for a latin jazz concert and walked around down town. Then home for a movie. He fell asleep.

Sunday was gym in the morning, a nice long ride by myself then off to a "Chicago" concert with my sweetie on the bike. Great concert. Chicago was playing 5 minutes from my house.. I love it when good concerts come to the casino. And taking the bike is easier for parking. VIP and up front.

So as you can tell it was a fun filled busy weekend. I hope all had a wonderful weekend also.