Saturday, October 25, 2008

Stop the rain already!!!!!!

This is NOT supposed to be our rainy time of year.

Our forecast for this weekend and into next week is nothing but rain. AGAIN!!!!

My bike is still under cover since Wednesday. It doesn't look like it will be out anytime soon.
They say on Tuesday that a cold front will move in and it will be 60 degrees when we wake up.
That is freezing for sure. But the silver lining is my electric bill will finally go down.

I went out to a Los Lonely Boys concert last night. Interesting, small venue, smoky ;-{.
The classify themselves as a Texican rock and roll band. Great guitar work ,drummers were awesome , nice vocals when they did sing, basically they just jammed thru and hour and a half. I'm glad I didn't pay for it. My friend Henry did. He was there with a good female friend of his, and called me and asked me to join him. We would both have preferred a country concert for sure.

I have had nothing but bad health news for my friends that have cancer. Neither one are doing well. My friend Walter with Leukemia is just having a really tough time on his second round of chemo. They couldn't kill him the first time, so they are trying it again. High fever again, they can't find the source, blood count won't come up. Etc, etc, etc. My friend Judy that I went to Mexico with in March is still in the hospital out in Chicago. They just put her on chemo to see if they can get the cancer that is in her spinal fluid, etc. Now Judy was in stage 4 bone cancer for the last few years. I just think her body is finally giving up from all the cancer. Her outlook is just not good either.

Then my best friend from DC called whining that her separated husband (2 yrs) took a woman to church with him. I say it's about time for him. He is such a nice guy and deserves to find some relief. She is a chronic alcoholic who refuses to sober up, stay sober or start living some kind of life. So I lit into her for being a total selfish drunk who can do something about her life, she is not terminal or have cancer, she just flat out refuses to get better. So I let her have it. She told me last night to get off her back. I just don't want to hear her excuses anymore. I love her and she and I have been friends for 35 years. But come on.

Now my really good friend Kevin is having serious health issues again. They just found several masses on his kidneys. So you can see why I just can't stand my girlfriends whining. I just don't get it.

I need sunshine so I can function thru all this sad news.

The weekend plans are fun though. A bridal / engagement party for one of my sons best friends and tomorrow we are having a meet the baby party for one of my daughters best friends who lives in Colorado. She is in with her newborn and 2 year old.
So life does go on. And in a good way.

I am still an optimistic person. I love life and love living my life. I surround my self with positive and sober people. Sober is very important to me.

And such is my life this week. School was tough but good. I made progress. I need to make more progress so I can get a job hopefully next month. The gym was challenging because I wasn't feeling 100%. I hurt my shoulder. But all in all it could have been worse.

Have an awesome weekend.

Friday, October 17, 2008



NO RAIN FINALLY!!! I do believe our draught is finally over.

I spent the day at the gym and the beach. The water was murky for us.
But 85, nice breeze and quiet. My kind of beach day. My sweetie joined me for a few hours.
Peaceful. We try and turn our phones off. Down time.

Tomorrow I will go for a ride early. It is cool in the mornings now so I have broken out my full face helmet.
I love this time of year. I cocoon my head with my earphones in and enjoy the ride with my face protected.
I even have a dark visor on with sun glasses. Nice. And my face doesn't get dirty. Now that's really nice.

This week I missed school twice. Monday for the dentist. Thursday for my hair appointment. By the time I finished with my hair appointment it was 2 pm. Paula really takes her time. And her next appointment had cancelled.

Lunch on the beach in Fort Lauderdale then home.

Tonight is a quiet night at home doing laundry and reading. Just me and the dogs.

Sunday will be spent back on the beach. I really like getting vitamin D the old fashion way.

Have a fun weekend.