Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This condo building is almost 100% empty due to season being over. Until you see these for yourself from the ocean you don't realize how total some buildings are seasonal only.

I thought this was a cool picture of the sailboat slowly making his way into the inlet with the light house behind the boat. He was going so slow there was a long line of boats behind him.

We were lucky that we got a few hours of sunshine. So Randy wanted to take the boat out and use it for a change. Lots of boaters had the same idea. But as you can tell the clouds started building and things were going to get really interesting if people didn't start heading in.

Randy got a phone call warning us of the incoming weather. We listened and headed for dry land. We got back to his house and it was a really good thing his daughter was home. The tide went out and we didn't leave the boat lift down low enough. So her boyfriend came out and dropped the lift and helped us secure the boat before the rain started.

I had a great weekend all in all. Friday night I got a little ride in between storms. Saturday I had brunch with friends from Orlando, then drove my son and daughter in law to the airport then I went for a couple hour ride on my bike. But alas, the storms moved in and I headed for home.

Sunday was gym, breakfast with a friend then out on a boat for the afternoon. Busy and fun day. I managed to get some sunshine in between these horrendous storms we have been having.

Today a friend who works for the Harley dealership called to see if I needed an oil change yet. He knew I was close. So he sent the guy from the shop over and trailered my bike into the shop for an oil change and 5,000 mile service. I have prepaid maintenance. Now I just need a ride to go pick it up later. It's all good. Now that is what I call service with a smile.

I hope everyone had as nice a weekend as I did and that your weather was much nicer. We are really wet and it doesn't look like it will dry out any time soon.

Have an awesome day.

Friday, May 22, 2009


What are your plans for the weekend?

I have a low key but busy weekend planned but not planned.

Tonight if it stops raining I am taking my bike out for a much needed ride to listen to some live music.
Tomorrow I am in desperate need of some beach time. If it stops raining of course. And have a early BBQ with my family for the weekend.
Sunday is a brunch with some really good friends from Orlando. Followed by taking my oldest son and daughter in law to the airport in Miami so they can fly out to Spain for a much needed vacation and decompression time. They are trying to get over the loss of their dog. And my son hasn't had a vacation in a few years and he has always wanted to go to Spain.

Monday I am not sure what I will be doing. Weather permitting maybe some beach time. Ride time and hanging out with a friend.
I do believe I will still get my gym time of course. Some things just never change. I have started training with someone new. A friend who is going to challenge me in new ways and hopefully build some new muscles. But he is a musician and his schedule tends to be iratic and I like structure. It's all good. When he is there I will work out with him, other wise do my own thing. He is also going back out on tour up into Canada, maybe China and Europe. But he will be home in between getting ready to finish his new album. The first of the singles will drop in a few months. So he is under a time crunch. I think it's a good thing he lives down here. He said he gets mobbed in Europe and Asia. Down here it is life as usual and very low key. It suits him.

So now you know what I am doing lately.
Have an awesome weekend.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Saturday!!!!

I started my day riding to a local restaurant for breakfast. I love sitting on the dock and looking across the inter-coastal. Now if the service was as good as the food. Excellent omelets. Then I just rode around the local Fort Lauderdale area to see where a local club is for tonight. I want to see this local blues band tonight. Home by 11 am so I don't fry on the bike. I'll go back out tonight.

I am not going to the beach this afternoon even though it's pretty outside. My oldest and his wife borrowed my little sports car for their anniversary. Guess where my beach gear is. In the trunk. I called my son and he said they will put it to good use. We have been swapping cars all week between the kids and I. It's a good thing none of them know how to ride a motorcycle.

My wusband is starting to count down his days until he leaves Iraq. He said that they are supposed to leave Iraq on the 13th of June and should be home in Florida by the 20th of June. Just in time for fathers day. The kids plan on being there when he gets in. As it should be.

Have an awesome weekend.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


My son had to put my grand dog down early this morning. The poor guy didn't rebound after way too much money spent trying to cure his cancer. My son has one of the biggest hearts around and when it comes with to his pets, it goes to extremes. He and his wife are being really quiet today. He was only 5.

Saturday, May 09, 2009


I will be on the beach with my kids all day having a BBQ with my new grill. It's still in the box so I can't snoop.
They want this at the local park, so I told them we were going early so we could get into the park. It gets full and they close it due to capacity. Then I plan on going up to the beach to listen to the final performers for the bluegrass festival. It should be good and a great way to unwind after a day in the sun.

Have an awesome day.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

OK.. This is just wrong. I will not do this to my dogs let alone put them on my bikes and take them for a ride. I do believe my Izzie would have a heart attack. She's a little frady cat.

Have an awesome day.

Saturday, May 02, 2009



Judy was an awesome lady who my family got to know really well almost 2 years ago. She died in a very swank long term care facility in Chicago surrounded by her long time girlfriend Vickie and another very good friend of hers. She was a really funny lady who retired after 35 years as an inner city Chicago school teacher. She taught phys ed and drivers ed. She was also one of the worst drivers you ever knew. To those of us who loved her she was very affectionately called "THE GENERAL". Because she just always wanted her way and made sure she got it. She was so organized and expected everyone to be the same. She was outspoken and very generous. She loved to gift her things to those she thought would appreciate them. And what she chose for you always seemed to fit you and who you were.

I had the pleasure of traveling with Judy to Orlando / Daytona and Cabo San Lucas. The last year she was here she was getting pretty frail and she loved to travel and I had the time. It worked out really well. I was her companion in crime and by my being with her she got to travel. It worked out perfectly. We were 2 outspoken ladies who loved to laugh at our own expense, see things and just enjoy the most out of life. Two more different people from different upbringings you would never find.
We had fun and she just loved being with my family. She called us her Florida family and my kids the kids she never had. Except her students of course.

She will be so missed and is up in heaven now, out of pain and having a party with all her friends and family.