Sunday, March 20, 2011


I went down and visited Sandra on Saturday while out riding. Nice. She is getting out of rehab on Tuesday. A long journey for sure. The staff will miss her I am sure.

Today there were 2 charity rides. I could only do one and that pissed people off. I have to stay true to myself and do what I want to do. I refuse to have people dictate to me. The one I chose had 1500 riders. Two accidents, one bad. The bad one went down right behind me and I heard it and saw it. Lets just say that put a huge damper on the overlong run of 62 miles all around South Florida. Then I had to pull off and pee in middle of the ride when I realized that the ride was not ending anytime soon. Plus I was over the run by that point. When I tried to jump back in at the end after taking pictures the cops got nasty,wouldn't let me rejoin the group and threatened me. I got pissed and left.
I then joined the other group at their event and ran into one attitude after another. I took some pictures, got sick from the sun and had to get my core temperature down before I could ride home. And deal with the ex boyfriend all at the same time. He was actually nice and made sure I was ok. A change for sure from his behavior that made him my ex.
I am over the weekend and ready to go back to work.
The highlight of my week last week was the Kenny Chesney concert. Unbelievable.

Have a fun week. It is going to be hot down here.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Last Sunday we had 25 woman on a woman's only ride to Clewiston, FL. Fun times. I took some pictures like always. I actually had some pictures taken of me. They are showing up on facebook.

If you want to follow me on facebook become my friend. carol guzik and you will find me and see some fun stuff.

The ride was fun. Gorgeous day.

They increased my work days to 4 in a row now. Long days. Lots of golfers right now who don't speak English. But I am having fun. And I think work should be fun.

My girlfriend Sandra is doing better. They won't spring her from rehab anytime soon. They figured out her left ankle was sprained and they had her using it. Gotta love it. So now she is wheelchair bound for a few more weeks.

Have a fun weekend.