Saturday, October 14, 2006

Just another day in the life of Carol.

I have gone back to work. I am enjoying my job
with the airlines. I get to fly all around and see people I care about.
My first trip was to see my Grams. And have a lobster dinner.
I will be flying up again this week to have lobster again with her.

My youngest son is moving back home after a short 5 months in Denver.
The smartest thing he could do at this point. He will be starting a new job
in the South Florida area. Buying a townhouse with his best friend. And starting fresh.
I call this a life's lesson the hard way.

I am all moved into a much bigger place. I love the extra space.
The move was a mess with my shoulder out of commission.
I don't like the neighborhood as much as where the apartment was.
But the place is nice and has room for visitors.

So what interesting things have happened in your world lately?