Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sunset and the beach were wonderful last night.

Hollywood Beach hosts several special events every month. Last night was
cruising cars.. Older cars in mint condition. Today was arts and crafts on the beach.

Monday my adopted son turns 26. I am taking him and his girlfriend deep sea fishing.
He has no idea. She's just going to wake him up and take him to the boat. Should prove interesting,
He likes to be in control. Tuesday they leave for New Jersey for good. I'm going to miss them.
So I'm spoiling him before he leaves.

I hope all have a wonderful and fun filled weekend.

Tonight I am helping at my friends restaurant while he is out with the boys.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sometimes the photographer gets her picture taken.
The photographer caught me helping my sweetie fly his kite.
I do believe he captured my spirit.

He and his wife were on their honeymoon from Maryland. Nice guy.
I saw him taking pictures and went over and started talking to him.
I had no idea that he got some shots of me.

I hope all have a blessed day.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Now that we have had our cold spell. (70 during the day and 50 at night) I am seeing the need for some beach time tomorrow.
They are saying a high of 82, sunny and breezy.

I rode my bike to the hair dressers today. She laughed. After the cut, color and blow dry. I put a helmet on.

So tomorrow will go like this. Ride my bike to the gym. I am hoping my legs work. My trainer killed me yesterday.
Then off to the beach for the day. I need the sand between my toes. Then I am going to the Bruce Springsteen concert
with my youngest son at night. I saw him a few years ago. He's fantastic.

I think I have been out of sorts since learning some of my kids are scattering again. The end of the month my adopted son and his girlfriend are moving back to New Jersey for good. And my youngest is moving back to Denver at the same time.
Tomorrow my youngest will be moving back into my house for the last few weeks in Florida. They have rented out their house to others and they want to move in. I am not sure where my adopted son is going to stay. Probably his Grandmothers.

I'm trying to shake the blues. I am not happy the kids are scattering again. They will be missed for sure. But adults can and will do as they please. It just means we did our job.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching a Police motorcycle rodeo.
These guys are good. Now I love riding. But these guys give new meaning to talent and control.
I would have knocked the cones over, all over the course. They were turning in circles so tight it wasn't funny.
I sure have a lot to learn.

The second picture was just too cute. I like this guys sense of humor for sure.

Right now it's an over cast Sunday. I am waiting for the clouds to clear and maybe head to the beach.

Have an awesome weekend.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

If your wondering what I have been up to since I got home. I have been trying to get over a head cold.
And spending time with my sweetie. He's been learning how to fly trick kites. Not the easy ones. But the ones that take
2 lines. So I am the kite flying helper. You need help getting them up in the air. Relaxing for sure. The dogs have even come with us to learn how to fly kites. My sweetie is getting used to driving with a dog on your lap and one trying to help you shift gears in my little sports car. He was so funny. He thought they were going to jump out with the roof down. Not my girls.

We also went to a Greek restaurant for some good Greek food. "My Big Fat Greek Restaurant" is the name. It's close by. And the really cool thing is the iguanas in the trees. So look closely at the tree picture. There are 6 of them in the picture.

And I've been riding, going to the gym, and eating at my favorite little Italian place on the beach.

I hope everyone is enjoying their week.