Monday, January 26, 2009

Yesterday was the annual Chili Cook off. It's a huge country concert that has a massive chili cook off contest. But you can't eat the chili. You can't even buy chili at the cook off.

We had a blast like usual. Alan Jackson was the final performer and was just incredible. My daughter and I have seen him like 6 times now. He puts on a great show. Not as full blown as his big concerts, but boy can he sing.

The pictures are of me sitting on a crotch rocket motorcycle, the concert and my daughter Lauren and her best friend Andrea. I consider Andrea my adopted daughter. Andrea moved back from the west coast a few months ago and is settling back into having family around again. Not always easy some days. But my house is her haven like when she was growing up.

I hope everyone has as awesome a weekend as I did.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


As our country celebrates a new President. I stayed home, warm and watched it all on TV. As you can tell my pets were really enjoying all the festivities..

Now I had a really good friend of mine in that crowd with his niece. She's a freshman at University of Central Florida. She loved it, he said it was an experience that he is glad he has had. But he'll watch it on tv next time and stay warm. He's still trying to get home. She flew in last night from Orlando and is already on a plane home.

The only function I would have even attempted to go to would have been the concert on Sunday. I love to be warm, fed and have a clean bathroom at my disposal with no lines. Call me silly.

Tomorrow the President gets down to business. My question is this. Can he sleep in? The last ball they are visiting is slated for 3 am. Yikes. I need my sleep.

I hope everyone enjoyed this history making day. Whether you voted for him or not. It was history. And it was well done for sure with dignity and grace.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The last week in our family we celebrated another birthday. This one was Cade's 24th birthday. Cade is the younger brother of my adopted son Logan. His request for dinner was tacos and a german chocolate cake. We had a nice time.

This week was also a full moon. I hung out up on the beach lying on my back trying to get a good shot. My favorite full moon shots still come from Cabo last March.

On Monday evening I had my first audition for a poker dealing job. I bombed it so bad. I was so nervous my brain shut down. Now I have to find experience doing bar poker or charity events. Now the good news is , once I get experience they want me to come back and audition again. I knew I needed experience but I didn't expect to totally loose my train of thought. Unbelievable. I am so mad at myself.

This weekend I am on pet patrol again while everyone is gone in different directions. A family wedding on my wusband's side.
The kids are staying in NY city so they can enjoy the city instead of Northern NJ. My daughter is heading to Denver for her god daughters christening. Then I have company coming in all weekend. On top of being on airport duty. Fun times. The good news is the airport is 10 minutes away.

I hope everyone is staying warm. It even got cold down here this week.

Stop by and say hello and let me know what everyone is doing.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Last night the sunset was spectacular. Being on the east coast makes it kind of tough to get a good sunset shot sometimes. Last night nature cooperated for sure.

We have had a very action packed week on our beach. The city of Hollywood did really good in the planning department. They scheduled a hot air balloon festival start on January 2nd and going all weekend. Talk about keeping our visitors entertained on our beach straight thru the New Year. Our beach front business' have had a really good 2 weeks.

Now the wind was too much for the balloons to be up, so they just blew the torches last night. It was a really cool sight.

I hope everyone has an awesome 2009.