Sunday, December 26, 2010

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas day. Our family and grand dog napped, ate and napped some more.
Everyone loved their gifts.
My "wusband" has been here since Wednesday and is leaving tomorrow. Family time. He was nice and gave me tour pegs for my motorcycle so I can put my feet up on long rides. Sweet. Then he put them on today. I gave him a sherpa blanket that matches his recliner that he passes out in all the time.

Today has been low key. A short ride and then we put the bike away. Windy and getting cold. Now I have made chili and we are watching football.

Next week I will be working most of the week. They will probably call me off tomorrow due to 40 to 50 degree weather. They don't like me getting that cold. Plus no one buys anything.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I was at Disney World over the weekend. I can't decide which photo I love more.
I just love Disney at Christmas.

My friend Marlon and I rode our bikes up and stayed on them all weekend. COLD< COLD< COLD!!!!

Now it's really freezing down here. 33 this morning with a wind chill of 27. BRRR

Have an awesome week.

Thursday, December 09, 2010


The biker community in South Florida did it again last Sunday. Over 30,000 motorcycles rumbled along the highway for the kids. The annual Toys In The Sun Run was well attended and fun.

Over 50,000 people attended. That is $10 per person plus a toy for the local kids. It is the largest biker event for kids in the country. This year I got aerial shots by going on a helicopter ride. Thank You Bud for your generosity. Charlie Daniel's was incredible.

I smashed my finger at work on Monday and haven't worked since due to it being so cold. BRRRR. Tomorrow I am riding with my best friend Marlon and going to Orlando for the weekend and getting a little PIXIE DUST. My Christmas treat for myself. I love Disney at Christmas. I also love to ride so we are taking our motorcycles. It will be warming up.

Have an awesome weekend.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Monday.

The holiday weekend was fun and low key. Just the immediate family and my daughters boyfriend for Thanksgiving dinner.
My contribution was making the whip cream after dinner. I worked until 3 and dinner was almost ready for the table when I got home.

Friday my friend Marlon loaned my wusband his Harley for the day so we could go riding to Everglades City with a bunch of people from Miami. Nice ride for sure. Interesting group of people.

All in all I had a really nice and low key weekend. Peaceful. Watched some football.

Enjoy your week. The picture is a fun one of a really cool 3 seater motorcycle. The guy riding it was really tiny. Amazing.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The pictures are from the toy run and parties that we had all weekend. We raised money for several charities for the holidays with a toy run to Naples. Spent the night and headed home. This year was much tamer than last year.

The lady in red on the small bike is also the same one standing out of the roof in the truck. She is the owner of the bars that do all the sponsoring of all the events. Busy lady.

The two guys are my ex honey(tall) and my best friend(short). We had a fun weekend.

I am working on Wednesday and until 3 on Thanksgiving. My daughter and my wusband are cooking dinner for the family.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Last year on the charity run to Naples I met a great group of people. It's hard to believe it has been a year already.
I met Bud and all the Big Dawg crew. This year on the run I am working for the biker magazine and in charge of the pictures for the weekend for the magazine. This is one of the big toy run and charity runs for the Christmas season. And the first official fund raiser. I am no longer with Bud as of a few weeks ago. Sad but for the better for sure.

The weather will be glorious and great riding weather. So Naples here we come again for another fun filled ride of over 100 motorcycles riding for the kids. Police escorted of course. I will be jumping in and out the whole way over and back taking pictures from bridges and anyplace else I think might be fun. Bud will be helping me stay out of traffic and not getting hit or falling off bridges. He volunteered.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I have been out riding and having fun. The weather has been so great I am having problems staying off the bike.

Todays trip was with friends I haven't ridden with in a long time. Fun times.

We went to Islamarada down in the Florida Keys. The view was to die for. Next time we are bringing cooler clothes and taking out the pink limo. Too funny.

On the good news front the golfers have finally come out to play. The Canadians are down here early.

My oldest son has finally found a job since August when he was laid off after working in Montenegro all summer. And for $20K more than the last one. This is one tough economy. And I doubt we have seen the end of the economic meltdown.

Have a fun weekend. I know it's only Tuesday. But I have a busy week and we are taking off for Naples for a charity run and I am taking pictures all weekend. Busy.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Here is a few of the shots from Halloween around South Florida. Some are from Fantasy Fest and others are from the biker bars. Interesting.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween.

I have been in the Keys with my ex sweetie (as of last night). It was relaxing and Fantasy Fest was interesting. Lots of naked swinging body parts painted in interesting places. I am not so sure I know how long it takes to get all the paint off.

Last night I went out taking pictures at a few biker bars of their Halloween parties. Some of these costumes were really interesting. And really out there. My daughters boyfriend came with me to see what my other life is like. Mind you I don't usually go to the bars. But I needed to take the pictures for the magazine. My ex sweetie didn't want me to go take pictures and I don't like being controlled, hence he is my ex as of last night. I doubt I will be spending any more time with him. His alcohol is out of control again and I am not a happy camper with him like that. I have said he can no longer come over if he has been drinking and he said it wasn't going to happen. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

My late friend Nancy's husband Danny got married yesterday to a wonderful woman who waited for him to help Nancy thru the end of her life. Patience and love. I am glad he has found happiness.

I hope everyone has had a fun October. I sure did. Life's lessons learned the hard way.

Let the holiday season begin and lets remember why we like it so much.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekends have been play time lately. And the weather has been so nice. Last weekend I rode and rode and rode some more. This weekend not so much.

We all found a new biker bar in the Keys. New owners. Cool out of the way place.
My honey took a picture of me up on a bridge on Cardstown Rd. Nice. I was stopped to take a picture of the group coming up the bridge.

Yesterday I was going to ride all day and got kidnapped and pampered at a nail salon instead. A facial followed by a mani and pedi. Now my nails are blood red. Just my color of choice.

This coming week Bud and I are playing hooky with some friends and going to pre fantasy fest in Key West. And get some fishing in also in the lower Keys. His friends want to go play in the Keys, they have a condo just outside of Key West. Pilots sure like to play.

Work is still really slow. Unbelievable. I don't care what anyone says in Washington. Our economy in Florida is in the dumps and getting worse. The restaurants are dead. No wait and no customers. Bars are dead except very late at night. I am in bed long before I see that. Nor do I hang out in bars.

Have a fun week, I will.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I had such a great weekend. I was out and about riding with friends all weekend. Saturday I went riding with my friend Marlon. I love riding with Marlon. This was his first real ride since his wreck in June. I am glad he is back. Sunday he joined another group of friends of mine and we rode around Lake Okechobee. What a gorgeous day. There was 14 of us. We got attacked by little green bugs when we rode up to the retaining wall for the picture. We moved our bikes away from the flying mess. This spot is such a nice picture spot. The lake looks healthy and full again.

I am supposed to work 4 days this week. Yesterday was gorgeous and there is a tropical system moving in for the next 2 days. Go figure. At least I am starting to make money again. And it's cooler. Finally.

I am probably spending the day mostly in bed. My son Andrew had been really sick and I seem to have gotten some semblance of it. I am nipping it in the butt with a z pack early.

Have a great week.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Last weekend I went to Key West with my 29 yr old daughter, her boyfriend and our very good friend Rheo.

Oh my. We had a ton of fun. Rheo wanted Key West to be gayer than it was. I am just not sure what he was looking for. It was a much quieter weekend in Key West than I have ever seen. Quiet.

The snorkling sunset trip was a blast. The weather and water was perfect. Rheo was getting water logged and I had to drag him back to the boat. He wanted the boys on the catamaran to come and get him. I just laughed.

The rain finally stopped and the heat dropped to the mid 80's. Now this is why we live here. I am riding all weekend alone and with friends. My honey is in Iowa with his boys. He has his hands full with the kids for sure. Both boys are having huge issues with their lives and the divorce. Very sad.

I hope all is well in your corner of the world.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Keys trip was fun.

The trip down was a nightmare. I had to remove my camera bag and phone and put it into the chase vehicle. I am glad I did.
I have no desire to ride across the 7 mile bridge alone in a feeder band of a hurricane again. I could see nothing. Including my honey behind me someplace and our chase vehicle. The only good thing was my rain gear kept my ipod playing. So I had great music in the driving rain with no visibility.

We had fun in Key West. I hopped a cab back to the hotel Thursday night around 11 ish. I was exhausted while everyone else stayed out until 4 am. Yikes. I did manage to stay out later on Friday night. It's a good thing I don't drink a lot. My friends all drank enough for all of us.

The ride home was nice and I ended up doing a photo shoot of everyone coming home down a bridge. Fun shot and I almost didn't get out of the way in time.

The rest of the week has been work and rain, rain, rain. My wusband is in for the weekend to do an early celebration of our daughters 29th birthday.

My oldest had a great interview in Bethesda and said he felt good about it. They flew him up. Good sign. They should let him know this week. Bethesda is far away but just a plane ride.

Have a fun weekend.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It is time to go to the Keys for a nice long weekend with my biker friends and my honey.

I haven't been on this poker run in 2 years. Last time I went I bought a new motorcycle because I had a nail in the tire of a perfectly good year old motorcycle that I had put 10,000 miles on. Do not let me stop at a Harley dealership again.
I can resist the temptation. I love my bike.

The other picture is a family shot from my sons birthday last month. I took my oldest out to breakfast this morning. He is job hunting and waiting for an offer from a job in Bethesda, MD. If he gets it I hope they pay him what he is worth. I am glad he is looking out of FL. Smart kid but I will really miss him.

It has been a week of taking my boys out to eat one on one. Bud and I took Andrew out for Thai food the other day.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I am going to have a blast in Key West.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to me.

My girlfriend Sandra had a small dinner at her house for myself and our friend Jackie. Our birthdays are 5 days apart. Sandra can cook for us anytime. She made a 4 course meal and outdid herself.

Saturday was my birthday and I spent it with my honey in the morning, beach with my oldest and youngest then birthday cake at home before the Toby Keith Concert with my friend Sandra and my daughter and her friend Jen. Awesome concert.

Sunday was a huge BBQ at my honey's house. His crash pad is his best friends house. ( since 5th grade) He rents the guest room. he has a great deal. He lives in a big house if he is in town and his friends get their utilities paid. He has an apartment in Iowa where his boys live. He is never there either.

Monday was a long day at work. It didn't rain until I finished and was unloading my cart.

This weekend Sandra and I are heading to Naples to go for a nice long ride.

On Thursday the biker world heads to the Keys and Key West for a huge bike event. Our group heading down on Thursday morning is over 50 bikes. Yikes. We will be creating a traffic mess.

Have an awesome week. I will.

Friday, September 03, 2010


Since it is my birthday tomorrow I am debating what to do all weekend.

I will start with a photo shoot at Sandra's this afternoon then she is cooking dinner for myself and another friend who has a birthday in a few weeks. Us Virgos have to stick together.

Tomorrow I will probably have breakfast with my honey who is working all weekend. He has so much going on the next few weekends he is getting all his flying in when he can. I will never tell him not to work. Even though I would love for him to be around. Hang out with my kids in the afternoon, maybe. Then off to a Toby Keith concert tomorrow night with my daughter, my girlfriend Sandra and another friend of ours. Weather permitting. Lawn seats are not fun in the pouring rain.

My idea of a good time. No fuss.

Sunday will be some riding and a bbq at a friends house. Weather permitting of course.

Back to work on Monday.. A long day on the golf course. Weather permitting of course again.

I am debating getting the long t-shirt. But I doubt the bikers would get that I mean everyone of them who drinks then gets on their motorcycles. I see dumb people all the time.

Have an awesome weekend and try and stay dry and be safe.