Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Just a little something thats on my refrigerator.












Sunday, September 16, 2007

I DID IT!!!!!!!

I had my first show. It was fun, hectic, and a total group effort to get everything done. My Thanks to everyone for their hard work. My youngest one invited people on the street down to my show site. The rest of the kids hung out and entertained each other and the viewers running in and out. The show was part of Art Work in downtown Hollywood.
I do believe my work was well received. I had several artist love it and suggest other venues to show. The only negative was this old coupe. (make up garish). They were well dressed, carrying their to go bags from where ever they had dinner. I asked what they thought. She was blunt. " We don't like photographs. Only paintings. " I very nicely thanked them for coming and stopping by. I was very sweet. I do believe she didn't get it. She just looked at me and was clueless that I was the photographer. Which was just fine with me. Everyone has an opinion. Thats what makes it fun.
I didn't sell anything yet. But I really didn't think I would have last night. Another artist helped out and said no one ever sells the first time out. But she loved the work. and I will sell.. Last night was all about getting out there and being seen. So on Wednesday I will go take all my work down/ and come home and hang it all over my house for safe keeping. Which is why I chose the pictures that I did.

I hope everyones is having a personally fulfilling kind of weekend.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Getting ready for MY FIRST PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW!!!!!

To say that I am a little excited, a little nervous and very critical of my own work. Is an understatement.
I am also a total control freak. And having people help me and be in control of something so personal is huge.
But I also believe in letting people do what they do best.

I take very nice pictures. I seem to have an eye and talent for things. I am also very artistic. My medium now seems to be photography. In previous periods of my life it has been music, crafts, and acting. Well we all act in our life. Life is a stage and our part is living it. How we choose to portray ourselves is our choice.

The very nice lady who owns the Now Art Cafe is also a control freak. Or she wouldn't have owned her very interesting gathering place for as long as she has. I have loved her Cafe since I first walked in the door almost 12 years ago. She didn't serve alcohol then. She's a martini bar now. Same ambiance. Beds, sofas, sitting areas, live music, etc. But she said when she turned 40 she wanted her place to grow up too. She used to just serve teas, coffees, desserts, etc. Now she has expanded.
The fact that she is having my first show is very telling. We're very similar in or uniqueness. Very free spirits.

Francesca is also a very big part of my first show. Her talent in putting together colors is invaluable in getting just the right touch in matting and framing. She helped choose the final 9 photos finishing touches. She's also handling the framing shop for me. I kind of lost my cool with the supervisor the other day. Something to do with his "not guaranteeing my work being in for my show on time". His whole attitude was just not in my best interest. I kept trying to get his attention back on my issues, he kept telling me how busy they were and trashing the competition. (Who happened to have gotten my first 4 prints back before their due date and they were nicely done.) Francesca managed to find a competent person in the department who was helpful and she found the information on the computer that they will be in on MONDAY. A few days late, but in time for my show on Saturday. Unlike the supervisor who is just inept.

So I find myself in a position of trusting others to handle their part in the scheme of things. I am usually in charge of all aspects of a function. But trust me. I will be dotting the i's and crossing the t's just to make sure it's how I want it to go.

Now if I could just get my web site the way I want it by Saturday I would be a happy camper. Frustrating. I really don''t like computers. Or maybe that I just don't know how to get them to do what I want them to do. Like post a picture on my blog. Too funny since I am a photographer.

I am also pet sitting my sons big dog for the weekend. So I pissed off the neighbors guest by asking them to keep their little male shi tzu on a leash while he is here. Give me credit. I didn't yell at her for not picking up it's poop. Remember I have 2 female shi tzu's . He thinks they are play toys. But I didn't want hers to be a snack for the big guy.

Lets just say my hormones sure chose a great time to show up and wreak havoc with my moods. Gotta love being 49 and being menopausal. I hear that is an excuse. Or should be.

Have an awesome weekend everyone. And if you hear of a crazy lady loosing it down in South Florida, the stress got to me.
And the framing supervisor got his just rewards.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Labor Day everyone!!!!

Tomorrow is my 49th birthday. Now how can I be 49 years old already. I look around at my grown children and wonder where has the time gone. I sure don't feel 49. But what does 49 feel like?

I still haven't found a job. So I have just been hanging out on the beach with Francesca from Chicago. She is a total blast. You can never get her out of the water. What a total water baby. She is so tan it's not funny. Yesterday she cooked a traditional Greek dinner for my family and some of her local friends. She's been staying with me. So she and my daughter have been bonding in the kitchen. They both love to cook. I'm letting them. I'll gladly clean up.

Today we are heading to the beach as a family to celebrate my birthday early. Since it's Labor Day everyone's off. So that makes 2 family days in a row. Then home for a BBQ and cake. Works for me. The kids love hanging out together. We have family dinners every week. I sure got lucky on that one. But as I like to say. I raised them to be friends. It's nice to see it worked.

Now tomorrow Franny goes home to Chicago to start packing. She has put her condo on the market and is looking to move to South Florida with the rest of us sun seeking crazy people. She thrives in the environment for sure.

I am also picking up my matted and framed photos this week for my first photography show. I can't wait to see the finished product. The show will either be the 15th of September or October 20th. The owner of the place that is hosting it has been out of the country on vacation and may have missed the deadline for the publisher. I should know this week. Either day works for me. It will be interesting to see if anyone will pay for my work. Do to the cost of framing they are going to be pricey. Only time will tell.

I hope everyones having a wonderful final long summer weekend.