Sunday, December 26, 2010

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas day. Our family and grand dog napped, ate and napped some more.
Everyone loved their gifts.
My "wusband" has been here since Wednesday and is leaving tomorrow. Family time. He was nice and gave me tour pegs for my motorcycle so I can put my feet up on long rides. Sweet. Then he put them on today. I gave him a sherpa blanket that matches his recliner that he passes out in all the time.

Today has been low key. A short ride and then we put the bike away. Windy and getting cold. Now I have made chili and we are watching football.

Next week I will be working most of the week. They will probably call me off tomorrow due to 40 to 50 degree weather. They don't like me getting that cold. Plus no one buys anything.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I was at Disney World over the weekend. I can't decide which photo I love more.
I just love Disney at Christmas.

My friend Marlon and I rode our bikes up and stayed on them all weekend. COLD< COLD< COLD!!!!

Now it's really freezing down here. 33 this morning with a wind chill of 27. BRRR

Have an awesome week.

Thursday, December 09, 2010


The biker community in South Florida did it again last Sunday. Over 30,000 motorcycles rumbled along the highway for the kids. The annual Toys In The Sun Run was well attended and fun.

Over 50,000 people attended. That is $10 per person plus a toy for the local kids. It is the largest biker event for kids in the country. This year I got aerial shots by going on a helicopter ride. Thank You Bud for your generosity. Charlie Daniel's was incredible.

I smashed my finger at work on Monday and haven't worked since due to it being so cold. BRRRR. Tomorrow I am riding with my best friend Marlon and going to Orlando for the weekend and getting a little PIXIE DUST. My Christmas treat for myself. I love Disney at Christmas. I also love to ride so we are taking our motorcycles. It will be warming up.

Have an awesome weekend.