Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We had a welcome home dinner on Sunday for my
wusband. My brother in law was here and did most of the cooking.
The weather has just sucked big time. I swear I am growing gills so I can breathe under water.
This rain just hasn't stopped since Mothers day. I mean really. Even on my trip it just was nasty weather except for 2 days in NH.
What is up with this weather. The forecast for July 4th weekend is you guessed it. RAIN!!!!!!!! No end in sight. 40% chance all weekend.
Now my wusband and son and I attempted some beach time this afternoon. I saw a break on the radar. ( I love weather.com)
We lasted 45 minutes. NO sun but no rain either.

I also have an infection in my jaw from a dentist appt last week. I swear I can't catch a break on the dentist this summer. It is making me really cranky. So I have been living on tylenol ( I hear it will kill my liver) and just started taking antibiotics. I should feel better soon.

So what is everyone doing for the 4th of July weekend?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I AM BACK!!!!!!

We had so much fun. The weather was wet for the most part. Rain gear was our normal attire on this trip. Thank God for rain gear. We had 2 gorgeous ride days up in New Hampshire. What gorgeous country side. Wow.

Sunday we had Sunday dinner with Romeo's 93 year old mom. She cooks every Sunday and there is no excuse for not eating her food. She's a trip. Then we all took off on the bikes and rode around Newport, RI. Pretty place.

Monday we took off for New Hampshire. Wet until we got into our final destination. North Conway, NH. We tried to beat the storms. Didn't happen. Tuesday and WEdnesday were gorgeous. Perfect ride days. Home on Thursday. Rain gear back on just in case. Not bad but cold and damp. If we hadn't put on our rain gear we would have gotten soaked.

We ate lots of lobster rolls and lobster. That was my goal. Yummy. Food was great. Romeo's cousin owns an Italian restaurant in North Conway so we ate their twice. Oh so good.

My bed and breakfast was really nice and comfy. It was nice getting away from the guys for a bit. One of the other guys brought his girlfriend and they stayed down the road from me. Everything was convenient.

Pasquale loves Dunkin Doughnuts. I swear if I never stop in another one I am ok. I took lots of pictures of Dunkin Doughnuts as a joke. These guys from Rhode Island love their coffee. I consider that a better alternative than drinking. Which a lot of bikers do. But not my group.

I am happy to be home. But I will miss the Rhode Island crew. Romeo was the perfect host. We stayed at his house. Gorgeous house. It's over 100 years old. He is constantly renovating things. He does all the work himself.

Yesterday was a dentist appt. Tough visit and expensive. Today was back to my routine of gym followed by a gorgeous beach day. I needed sunshine.

I hope everyone had a great week.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Meet my riding buddies. Kenny and Romeo. I will be riding behind them on this trip. Romeo has the hair.
These guys are so sweet and have known each other forever. I do believe there will be around 10 of us on this trip.
Several of the guys are bringing girlfriends since I am joining them. I am glad.

The weather forecast has it a little wet. Lets hope for sun. But I do have rain gear and warm clothes. Just as long as it's not thunder storming and seriously nasty. We will ride. I do believe I am glad to be on the back.

Today I spent the whole day on the beach. What a great day.

Have a fun week everyone. I sure will.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It stopped raining. Yippee. I got some beach time in today with my daughter.
Now I have tan lines again. Oh well. I will fix that on Friday after my massage.

I hurt my knee a little last week in the gym So I took a down day off from the gym today. I tried doing a light work out on my legs a few days ago. It still bothered me. So I am being smart. And I am really looking forward to a week off while I am gone. A few times a year I take down time from the gym. It does the body good.

We are flying out on Sunday the 13h for Rhode Island then leave on Monday for New Hampshire. I can't wait. A few more riders are joining us on Tuesday. They have some work issues to deal with in Rhode Island.

I will be riding on the back seat of a few touring bikes this trip with my camera in hand. So I will be in the lap of luxury and comfort and just enjoying the ride. I do believe that will help my shoulder and knee get a rest. I may also stick around a few extra days in Rhode Island and take some really cool New England pictures. I have never had the chance to explore Rhode Island and it's really nautical. Right up my alley.

My "wusband" will be arriving later on this month from Iraq. He was supposed to be back on the 20th just in time for Fathers day but has been delayed due to weather for his replacement. I hear they just got there. But still has to be trained. Oh well. He's now due in a week later. He wants to stay here for awhile. He told our daughter he wants to go to the beach and enjoy the ocean attached to the sand. (just sand in Iraq) We met on the beach in 1974. So it's no wonder he is going to decompress on the beach. And where he lives in central florida there is no beach. Plus I do believe he needs some family time. I told him he can stay as long as he wants. I will even let him ride my motorcycle. I am just that kind of girl.

What has everyone else been doing lately?

Sunday, June 07, 2009


Now I have gotten a few hours on the beach. I figure if I get to the beach by 10 I have until around 12:30 or 1 to get off the beach before the thunder storms hit with full force.

I am trying to get my rides in to the gym. Very short lived rides for sure.

And let's not even discuss the mosquitos. They are brutal.

I can't wait to go to Rhode Island and New Hampshire next weekend. New England for a whole week on a motorcycle.

Have an awesome weekend everyone. Hopefully yours is drier.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009






OK. I will stop whining.
I hope everyone is having much better weather than we are. The weather forecasters say there is no end in sight.

I went back to school to freshen up my poker dealing skills. The casinos are getting their extended hours soon and several new poker rooms are opening up around September / October time frame. I plan on getting a dealers job at one of them. So time to go freshen up my skills.

Have fun. Maybe the sun will come out soon and I can ride again and go to the beach. I can't wait.