Saturday, July 31, 2010

I had a nice peaceful few days in Captiva.

The west coast of FL is so different than where I live. Nice.

The pictures are the gulf coast, The Mucky Duck, (yummy) and The Seamen's Chapel. That is where my daughter wants to get married and always has. Very cute and small. It is not open during the summer months. No air conditioning.

But back to the real world I came. Yesterday my Daughter in law called me while I was on the beach chilling peacefully. She wants me to drop everything and watch her dog AGAIN. She has to work tonight and doesn't want Tonka home alone. So I said ok to tonight even though I have plans. Then she says she wants me to keep Tonka for a week or more while she goes to Tampa to see her friend. I said NO THANK YOU> I am already watching someone elses small dog for 10 days and I won't watch hers also. I get a not so nice text from my son in Montenegro saying Thanks a lot for being mean to his wife. I chewed him a new ass. He is almost 32. Come on. he said I told her I didn't like her dog, blah blah blah.

Fact is the dog is a pain in the ass. I think I should have the right to say NO THANK YOU> I suggested a kennel. He wasn't happy. I suggested maybe her family could watch him since they have huge back yards. Nope. They only call when they want something. (sounds like it runs in the family) I only hear from her when she wants something. The girl is a serious drama queen. I asked my 27 yr old what he thinks and he said he had no desire for Tonka to be here again for any length of time.
Fact is I don't live in my house alone. Everyone should have a say since we all end up watching and walking the monster. We all said NO THANK YOU>

I want to go back to Captiva and hide out again.

Friday, July 23, 2010


The monster finally went home. My dogs are at the groomers as I type. I couldn't get them in before today. My groomers moved this week into their own building. They have a lot of work to do for sure. And my house is finally clean.

My honey had the trip from hell coming east in his truck with the trailer. What he thought would be 12 hours turned into 26. The truck had issues in the mountains and it took forever. Going 40 mph instead of 70 makes a huge time difference. But he and the boys are at his brothers. While he slept a little yesterday his niece took the boys ATV riding, white water rafting. Fun stuff. His brother took the boys out on the big tractor with air conditioning into the fields. They had a blast. He will be staying there for a few days and then heading down here. Hopefully it won't take as long. He did say he tried to sleep on the pull out sofa from hell last night. Mattress on the floor tonight for sure.

My bike is still in the garage. I plan on riding with my friends this weekend. My friend has his new bike. But we are having a little rain right now. Tropical storm Bonnie is coming thru right now. Not so bad. The news just likes to make things worse. I do believe we have had bigger thunder storms.

I am going to Captiva next week with a good friend of mine for a few days. I need a break for sure. A few down days for good behavior watching the grand dog.

Have a fun weekend. I plan on it.

Monday, July 19, 2010


I had such a nice time all weekend hanging out with my honey.
Lots of live music, outside activities, beach and bicycles, birthday parties. We were kind of late everywhere we went though.
We kind of had a total immersion weekend before he heads out for a 2 week vacation with his boys. He is finalizing his move east and home to Miami. His motorcycle, atv, etc are going on a road trip. He is driving cross country from Iowa with his 8 and 11 yr old. Stopping in NC at his brothers for some white water rafting, gold panning on a stream on his brothers property. Fun stuff.
Then down to Miami he comes for some fishing with some other Uncles at Stiltsville out in key Biscayne. The boys will have a blast with their Dad and Uncles for sure.

I haven't been out on the bike much. I have been having hand issues with my clutch hand. The down time has helped immensely. That and lighting up my gym time to 4 days a week and lighter weights. I think my body needs a break. It has also been so hot, it's Africa Hot most days. But tomorrow I am riding. A good friend of mine is getting a new bike and we are picking it up and going for a ride. But first he has to get his new drivers license with his endorsement.

I have also been watching my Grand dog for the last 2 weeks. My house is full of dog hair. The floors are filthy. My little Shits need a trip to the groomers big time to be un Tonkad. They smell like him now. He hopefully leaves and goes home tomorrow.. When my daughter in law comes home from Montenegro and a 12 day vacation with my son. He is staying over there for a few more weeks for work. They are opening up a new nightclub that he designed. I told her that was her birthday present. He is a handful for sure. But a 90 pound Old English Bulldog is a hand full and strong as an ox or a bull in a china shop.

Time for work. Have an awesome week.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


We went on Saturday night to see KC and the Sunshine Band. Talk about fun times. Memories.
My wusband went with us, my girlfriend Sandra, who got us VIP seating. My son Andrew also joined us and had a blast.
The backup singer Maria has been with KC for 20 yrs. She and Sandra have been friends for 30 years.
I also have press credentials for the biker magazine so no one bothered me with my camera up front. Hence the awesome pictures.

It was mostly a rained out weekend down here. Water, water and more water.
The 4th the rain hit at 2 pm and stopped in time for the fire works. We stayed home and watched the neighbors set stuff off.
No traffic, no mess and we stayed dry.

Yesterday I got rained out at work. The course is under water again. Hopefully I will get to work some tomorrow and Thursday.

I am so over the rain. But at least the heat has abated somewhat.

Have a great week.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Last weekend I was so busy for a biker magazine that I found myself taking pictures of thing so outside my life experiences. Nor do I ever wish to go see it again. Yuck.

I did enjoy getting my arm airbrushed at the tattoopalooza on Saturday. Then I worked our magazines birthday bash for the owner. Over 1800 people showed up. What a wild time.

Then came Sunday and a cancer fund raiser with bikers. Tommy got a new dental hygienist with Pineapple. This dog is so friendly he will kiss anyone. Tommy owns a custom bike shop. Nice guy even though he is a tad out of control.

I figured I would share a few pictures of my weekend.

I hope everyone has such an awesome July 4th weekend. My wusband will be in and we are having a family weekend.