Wednesday, December 31, 2008


May 2009 be a very healthy and happy year for you.


Saturday, December 27, 2008

We had a very nice Christmas eve and day. A typical holiday at my house. No drama. Just loving being together.

My boyfriend joined us this year and had a very nice and mellow day. He usually doesn't do family gatherings. Now he has known my kids since they were teenagers and they actually like each other. I gave him some dressy shirts, a sherpa blanket that we all have and love. And last but not least a really nice swiss watch. He gave me a headset for my helmet and a gorgeous Harley leather jacket. He did good.

Today I am having a total beach day. Up on the beach early and staying until at least 3. I am bringing my wind screen for sure.

Have a very happy holiday weekend.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My sweetie and I took another touring bike out for a ride yesterday. This time we went from home on the southeast section of Florida to Naples and Ft Meyers. A few hours across the state. We got a little rained on over there. But not bad. We had a really nice day. The gulf coast is so different from the Atlantic side.

It's really hard to believe that it's almost Christmas. It's in the 80's until ? I do hear the sun is coming back out soon. I hope.

I really liked the poinsettia Christmas tree around the palm tree.

Last Saturday night I had the opportunity to deal some poker at a charity event. It was fun. Some of the players were a huge pain in the ass. But thats ok. It was experience. And I sure need real time experience. I guess it's good some were difficult. But I think they forgot it was a charity fund raiser for a little league travel team. I got paid well. So that was good.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I am such a bad friend.

Well that is what Nancy thinks. She wants out of rehab and I am refusing to go pick her up. She called her parents first and they called me after saying they would come get her. Well I put a stop to that and then sicked my friend Henry on her parents,. Lets just say they are staying in Jacksonville and not giving into her demands. I talked to them 4 times in the last 24 hours. Nancy has no clue that we are all in cohoots on this. Nor are we telling her.,

If I have my way I will have her husband cancel all her credit cards and pull the rug out from under her also. Maybe if she has nothing more to loose she just might get it. So far she just wants to run.

I chewed her a new ass whole when she called and told her to suck it up. She said she was going to call cab, check into a hotel and call the airlines and change her flight home. I told her to empty the mini bar and drink up while she was at it. I also asked her what she was afraid of. Maybe that it was all starting to get into her pickled brain that she can't drink or she will die. No one said it was going to be easy. But she is at a critical point and she has to stick with it.

We are all realizing that Nancy is going to need some long term care. Like a half way house or an extended program to keep her going. And she is fighting the 28 days. Imagine what she will fight us all on that. I guess the program is telling her that she needs extended help too. Hence she is trying to run. We are trying to make it so she has no place to run to.

So please keep Nancy in your prayers. She sure needs it. Hopefully she didn't run away from rehab tonight. I will call tomorrow and see if she's still there.

Monday, December 08, 2008

My past week!!!

I had a good week generally speaking.

I spent Friday on the beach and got a massage. I really like getting massages on the beach with the ocean crashing in the background and the sun beating down on me.

Saturday I went back up and saw my girlfriend Nancy in rehab. Same as last weekend. I think she is just marking time until she gets out. I'm not sure she gets it yet. She's still fighting it. It doesn't matter what we say. I even kicked her in the ass. Not hard. But she is just not getting that she really has to change her life. Everything and accept reality as it is. I tried, Henry tried and he agrees with me. He has been clean and sober for 13 years and has worked with a lot of addicts.
I asked her who the new lady is that is all black and blue. She had just gotten there. I also explained to her that she looked like that last year when I was at her beach house. All black and blue. Fact is drunks fall a lot.

Yesterday my sweetie and I went riding to listen to music. Today we took off to the Keys on the big bike he has been breaking in.
So for the last 2 days I have been on the back of a big touring bike. Really nice. It's fun to sit on the back and just enjoy the scenery and play with my sweeties long curls while riding. I also massage his shoulders. I'll be back on my bike in the morning.
Part of his job at the Harley dealership is to break in all the new bikes that come in on the fly and ride program. He has to put on miles and break them in. A fun job for sure. Then we get to ride on the touring bikes without buying one and being limited to just one bike. OK. I know we are spoiled.

I have been to the local casinos just checking in and saying hello to the bosses. I hear the way to get a job is to be around so they know your name. They are learning my name and face for sure.

Tomorrow it is back to the gym as usual. ( day 3 of my 5 day work out week). I find my work out keeps me sane and focused for sure.

I will probably go stop in at dealer school and play some poker and deal some cards to stay fresh.

Have an awesome week everyone.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Welcome to Christmas 2008!!!

We put up the tree on Sunday. A family event as usual. My friend Rheo was in for Thanksgiving with his boyfriend and his family. They were here the day after Thanksgiving for dinner, then Rheo stayed in town for an extra day and hung out with us. Rheo was my roommate for a year up in Orlando. We were both characters at Disney. He's so much fun and best of friends with my kids.
I spent Saturday on the bike riding up to see my girlfriend Nancy. She needs our prayers for sure. She had lots of complaints, liked the facility. What's not to like. It is a really small and cute facility. Small little cabins a block from the beach. I think one of the problems she is having is she can't hide and just skate thru without getting called out on everything. The counselors are not giving an inch and she is balking at the rules, etc. The rehab facility has a capacity for 18 and only 9 was in residence for the holidays. She is under the spotlight and not happy about it.
We did have a nice visit. Her thinking is all over the place. She looks like shit, and I am being nice. She is putting some weight on because they are making her eat real food. Not slim fast. Which she lives on at home. But I really hope she starts realizing that she really needs to get it this time. And I don't think she gets it. They are in 5 meetings a day. Forced to talk and open up. She is fighting the talking about everything. She doesn't see this as a problem. She finds outside meetings too big, having nothing to do with her, etc. I just don't know. But I will go see her next Saturday again and check on her progress.

I am off job hunting again today. Time to stop back into the casinos and say hello and follow up on my applications. They are all hiring right now and I want a job.

Have an awesome day.