Sunday, March 20, 2011


I went down and visited Sandra on Saturday while out riding. Nice. She is getting out of rehab on Tuesday. A long journey for sure. The staff will miss her I am sure.

Today there were 2 charity rides. I could only do one and that pissed people off. I have to stay true to myself and do what I want to do. I refuse to have people dictate to me. The one I chose had 1500 riders. Two accidents, one bad. The bad one went down right behind me and I heard it and saw it. Lets just say that put a huge damper on the overlong run of 62 miles all around South Florida. Then I had to pull off and pee in middle of the ride when I realized that the ride was not ending anytime soon. Plus I was over the run by that point. When I tried to jump back in at the end after taking pictures the cops got nasty,wouldn't let me rejoin the group and threatened me. I got pissed and left.
I then joined the other group at their event and ran into one attitude after another. I took some pictures, got sick from the sun and had to get my core temperature down before I could ride home. And deal with the ex boyfriend all at the same time. He was actually nice and made sure I was ok. A change for sure from his behavior that made him my ex.
I am over the weekend and ready to go back to work.
The highlight of my week last week was the Kenny Chesney concert. Unbelievable.

Have a fun week. It is going to be hot down here.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Last Sunday we had 25 woman on a woman's only ride to Clewiston, FL. Fun times. I took some pictures like always. I actually had some pictures taken of me. They are showing up on facebook.

If you want to follow me on facebook become my friend. carol guzik and you will find me and see some fun stuff.

The ride was fun. Gorgeous day.

They increased my work days to 4 in a row now. Long days. Lots of golfers right now who don't speak English. But I am having fun. And I think work should be fun.

My girlfriend Sandra is doing better. They won't spring her from rehab anytime soon. They figured out her left ankle was sprained and they had her using it. Gotta love it. So now she is wheelchair bound for a few more weeks.

Have a fun weekend.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


MY crazy Italian friend Sandra went down almost 2 weeks ago. The guy who cut her off was texting and driving.
When he realized she hit him. He came back and she said to him. No joke.


She has survived surgery. Is now in rehab for at least 4 to 6 weeks. She propelled herself into her speedometer and crushed her pelvis. She can't use her right leg for at least 8 weeks. No driving, work etc for at least 4 months. She is a chef. The good news is she is alive.

I have visited her several times and the facility is just awesome. She is ruling the roost of course. Sandra is a character. the hard work has started and it will be a long process. Tomorrow the women ride and at the end of the ride we are going to visit her.
All 30 of us. We will rattle some windows for sure. She put this ride together. So we go visit. No excuses. Anyone who decides not to visit will deal with me. They don't want to do that. Trust me. I have a tendency to lead the rides and be the road captain.

OK. I am off the soapbox. Please tell your friends to put the f ing phone down.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Gotta love The Chili Cookoff.

We had a good time. The crowd was insane like always.

The bird picture is of a burrowing owl. We have several spots on the golf course that are marked off because they have made our course their home. And they are an endangered species. Every once in awhile I see them out flying, but not often. I do know that they don't want you near their nests. They have a hissing fit. I wonder how often they get hit by a stray golf ball.

Have an awesome weekend. I will be out an about on my motorcycle all weekend.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011




Saturday, January 29, 2011

Busy weekend for sure.

This week was interesting. I went to Central Florida for a business meeting with my wusband. Interesting concept if it comes to fruition.

Work was kind of chilly. I tend to make more $$$ when it is between 65 and 80. It did make it to 70 supposedly. But the wind was killer. Next week I work 4 days. My lower back is going to be crying.

My wusband is in town for a medical conference and staying at the house. Lots of exposure to the wusband this week.

Today is my honeys birthday. He is flying and doesn't land before 8 pm. He didn't want to go out for dinner or anything. He is just going to a friends house for a party stop in. I am going to drop his gift off at his house so he sees it when he gets home. The party he is going to is a 90 yr olds birthday party. So bringing his gift there wouldn't be appropriate. Hopefully he will join me at the chili cookoff tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the annual Chili Cookoff. 5 country acts, over 100,000 people, the trailer parks are empty every year for this event. Crazy redneck central and a blast. Great music and people watching. Friends from Central Florida are coming down so we can all go together. They are bringing their toy hauler with their motorcycle so we can ride tonight and tomorrow. These are friends of my wusband who have become my friends. We are going to have so much fun. My wusband won't be able to make it to the concert. He has a class and has to head for home and be in a play tonight.

Then back to work on Monday for me.

I hope everyone is not snowed in and has a wonderful weekend.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Yesterday my daughter picked up her boyfriends daughter and brought her over to help her with her homework.
I really think Brianna needs to spend more time with Lauren and O'Meil if they are going to get married one day. They are in no hurry but talk about it.
And Brianna needs more exposure to my family. She is a sweet little girl who is 5. She weighed a whopping 1 lb 4 oz when she was born. She only weighs 30 lbs now. I love the fact that she was here all day and is a pleasure to be around. Funny little kid. She took one look at my bike and wanted to go riding. But we made her ask her Dad when he was here on his break from work. ( he works 5 minutes away from my house) he said no problem.
She is so tiny that she slid into the space on my part of the seat. Too funny. She held on tight and didn't want to get off.

I usually ride all weekend but stuck close to home yesterday. My lower back is killing me. Today I am rained out at work.. It was freezing last Thursday so I didn't work. Some days I think I need an inside job. It would kill me for sure. I hate being inside.

Have an awesome week.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Every December over 30,000 bikers ride for charity. Last Sunday the check was presented to the charity. Nicely done again. I have not figured out how bikers got such a bad name. Sure some of them look rough and can be rough. At the awards party all the biker clubs (gangs they used to be called) showed up in full force to get their plaques and a huge thank you for doing such a great job again. If it wasn't for the clubs all joining in and putting in so much time and effort the toy run would not happen.
The check doesn't reflect the over 50,000 toys collected and distributed to the kids.

The dog belongs to a friend. Her name is "Miss Pineapple" She is such a kisser. And an attention whore. And probably one of the most photographed dogs in South Florida. Her owner Gene is well loved in the biker community and battling cancer and going thru chemo. He is having a tough time. He felt up to being out on Sunday.

Work has finally picked up. Yesterday my bosses said it was too cold for me to work. Too funny. It was 46 when I woke up and never got about 60. With winds up to 20 mph. Chilly.

Hopefully it will warm up for the weekend so I can ride. It is way to cold for me to go to the beach. BRRR.

Have an awesome weekend.

Saturday, January 01, 2011


Welcome to 2011.

I was in bed asleep by 9:30 last night. I wasn't feeling well and I fell asleep watching the FSU bowl game.
I was up with the chickens this morning driving my landlord to the airport at 6 am. Followed by watching the sun come up on the beach. The clouds parted a little bit when the sun crested the horizon. (pictures to follow)
My favorite way to start the new year every year.

My hope is for all to have an awesome and healthy 2011.