Saturday, May 22, 2010

I have been busy lately and forgot to update the blog. Sorry. I have also become a facebook addict.

Last weekend my wusband and my boys and I went go cart racing at an inside track. Fun but really expensive.
My wusband also put up a really big ceiling fan in my bedroom for me. Now it's a wind tunnel so I can cool down at night.

Yesterday I got a new back tire on my motorcycle. I milked 14,500 miles on my 1st one. Unheard of for guys but since I am so lite I got away with it. Today is an oil change then my bike is ready for another big ride tomorrow to Marco Island with a lot of riders.

I also started training yesterday for a Muddy Buddy race in November. I need to start running and biking. Something I just don't do. It felt good. Today Bud and I are going shopping for bicycles to use at my house. I live so close to the beach that we want to ride for exercise etc. We are also trying to loose some of the weight we put on by eating out all the time. He is doing a much better job then I am for sure.

I am really proud of Bud. He stopped drinking 3 weeks ago. What a huge difference. He's feeling better, looking better, joined a gym. And we are getting along much better with him sober. The first 2 weeks were tough though. He was really cranky.

I also babysat my granddog. Tonka is such a monster. My house gets filthy because he just drags the mud in from outside.
He also thinks he is a lap dog. As you can tell. He is sweet. But I will take my little lap dogs who are not messy when they drink or eat any day.

All in all life is good. Work is good. Relaxing.

Have an awesome weekend.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

My kind of Mothers Day.

Beach day with me and my kids. My daughter in law had to work.
My oldest son took a long nap, (he had a party at his house last night)
My daughter read then fell asleep under the same umbrella.

Why couldn't they do that when they were little?

My youngest and I read all day.

Such a pretty day.

BBQ later at my house. Veggie burgers for the veggies, real meat for the rest of us. Buffalo hot dogs and burgers.

My daughter is clipping coupons lately and is now telling me what to buy. I think I just gave up being the MOM.

Happy Moms day to us MOMS.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Last weekend was fun.

Friday night we did yoga on the beach. My daughter was the instructor and all her instructor friends showed up and everyone had a blast. Those of us that are not instructors tried really hard not to laugh at some of the positions. Let alone hold them and not fall over. I was doing really well not talking or laughing ( really hard for me) until I looked over and saw my adopted daughter and my daughters boyfriend mouthing "what the f*&k". I lost it.

Saturday a group of friends and I rode down to the Keys for lunch at Gilbert's. Nice ride, great friends and a new motorcycle enthusiast has been found.
My friend Mara got a ride for the first time on a bike and has fallen in love with it. My friend Marlon rode her all day and they had a blast. Mara and I train together at the gym and Marlon works out there also. Now that is the way to ride. We kidnapped her for the day and went to the Keys. Now who would mind that?
Sunday was just an unwinding kind of day with my boyfriend. He rode with us on Saturday also. Then back to work he went even though he wanted to stay home and ride some more.

Yesterday I finally got to work the beverage cart on a Monday. The first Monday in 4 weeks that it hasn't rained.

Tonight is a bike night right up the street that I need to work. The biker magazine I take pictures for is the host.

What kind of fun does everyone have for Mothers Day weekend?