Monday, February 12, 2007


I finally got my motorcycle. I have friends taking me riding right now.
I also have them teaching me to ride. But lets not forget the safety factor.
I have registered, paid for and gotten the days off for my SAFETY COURSE.

My kids think I am nuts, but this is a life long dream of mine that I chose to make happen.
I believe I have earned the right to ride. I have worked hard, played by the rules, and raised
my family. So before my 50th birthday I am riding. With a red full face helmet of course.
OK, I'm only 48. But thats 18 months more to have fun with.

My wish for everyone is to make your dream come true. No matter how small or large it is.
I am just that type of person. I did the dream trip with my Grams, now my motorcycle is strictly
selfish on my part. And I am more than ok with that.

Have an awesome day!!