Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I am home safe and sound. I had an adventure for sure. Accomplished what I was looking to accomplish. Not a bad month for sure.
My week at my sisters went well. Spending the first week of July in my hometown for the first time in over 20 years was great. A week well spent. I did a lot of cooking for my sisters family, so my sister had a break while she worked, coached soft ball, etc. I took lots of photos. Got 2 commissions for taking pictures. Fulfilled them both. How fun is that.

Then off to Bethany Beach I went. Shiloh had a head cold by then. Got sick in the car. We took the Cape May - Lewes Ferry into Delaware. It dropped me off 30 minutes from my best friends beach house. I am happy to say she had sobered up. And is still sober as of yesterday. I am sure it's not easy for her. She has a lot going on in her life and some life challenges that she will have to handle. Her husband has asked for a divorce. He has been a saint thru all this. But I understand where he is coming from. For 8 years out of this 13 year marriage she has refused to sober up and stay that way. Her love affair with the bottle is more valuable to her. Everyone deserves the chance at happiness. And you can only take so much before you say enough. I did notice while I was there how little interaction there was between them. She told me over the weekend that he asked for a divorce months ago. And she dove right back into the bottle. Or had just not come out of it yet. She's been in the hospital 4 times detoxing in 4 months. Not rehab. That hasn't worked 3 times. So I understand and I wish him nothing but happiness and peace.

My friend and I had a nice visit. We went boating, shopping, to the beach, and emergency vet stop for Shiloh. Upper respiratory infection. After 2 days of antibiotics she was a new puppy just full of life. And hasn't stopped being an outgoing and fun loving puppy since then.

I am home now. Everyone is happy to have me home. I just got a chance to show my photography at the art walk in downtown Hollywood. They have art night the 3rd Thursday of every month down town. I am having a showing in a bar called "Now Art Cafe". The place is eclectic. I have always loved the uniqueness of the place. I was downtown Saturday night, walked in, ended up talking to the owner who remembered me from years ago. One thing led to another and she wants me to show in her place. To promote my work, etc. She said she rarely shows anyone. She's picky. She will have a Martini tasting for me. Now how fun is that. My friends and family will all show up and support me. I guess motorcycle parking will have to be arranged. Right out front of course. Park a few bikes, more are sure to follow.

So now it's time to get busy, pick the best of the best. I have all the 20 somethings in my life putting in their 2 cents. Plus I will have my friends help. And last but not least the owner Angel pick her favorites. My work is so varied, that I may have to have a few shows. Or maybe she will want me to come and do it monthly. We will see. I need to find a place to print , matt and frame my work. I need to talk to Angel first and see what size she wants. Everything I show must be available for sale. No problem. Now it's time to see if people are willing to pay.

I am job hunting. Via on line applications. Not fun. Talk about not being able to sell yourself. And I am NOT bilingual. This is becoming a huge problem. Now my question is this. Is it not America? Is English not our language in this country? OK. I won't start on that. But everyone is requesting that you speak several languages. Down here it's Spanish, French and then English. French because of all the French Canadians. Now everyone should speak English. If I was in their country I would sure try to communicate first in their language. Not demand they speak English to me first. I guess I'm just old school on some things.

So now you know what's going on in my life. What's going on in yours?

Sunday, July 01, 2007

I am on vacation right now. What an experience it has been so far. My vacation started out good until I pulled into my girlfriends house in Oakton, VA. Now she has been my best friend since high school. She is a chronic alcoholic. She can die if she drinks. She was so drunk she could hardly stand. Not good. I got a first hand look at the ugliness of this disease. I kept her mostly sober all day until the evening the next day. I told her what a great job she was doing. We went horseback riding on one of her horses, in the morning. Then went on a sight seeing tour of the new monuments in DC in the afternoon. A great day. Lots of pictures. Now I moved away from the DC area in 1992. They have 3 new monuments since I left. The World War 2 monument, Korean and Roosevelt. If you haven't been to DC in a long time. Please go. All these tributes are around the reflecting pool and tidal basin. So centrally located. I left the next morning for the Jersey Shore.
The next stop was a very nice and fun weekend at my sisters. I got some beach time with my niece and brother in law while my sister was at work. Took some awesome sunset pictures. Sunday her husband and youngest son (15) took off for Penn State and football camp. Her oldest took off for work (18), and we just had her 11 year old daughter. Not bad. Relaxing. We went out for breakfast, went out for some pet supplies, she took a nap, just watched movies and relaxed. Watched the sunset at the inlet and went out for italian ice after words. My sister is 7 years younger than I, looks like me, and never gets any down time. Except while I'm here. I cook dinner, pick up behind her family, help with the laundry and try to not kill the kids for not helping. But they do more while I'm around. They have no choice. My sister has Shiloh's brother Max. He is twice her size and they are so cute together. Puppy play time non stop.
Off to the Cape I go with my puppy Shiloh. 7 hours later I am with my Grams. She took one look at Shiloh and was totally in love. That was the end of our relaxed time. My Uncle moved in his girlfriend in December and my Grandmother has an apartment in the house. She took one look at the puppy and started trouble. Now I had permission to bring the puppy from my Grams. His house has always been pet friendly. I was planning on staying with my Grams at the house for 7 nights. 8 days with my Grams. Lots of picture taking. The girlfriend started in right away by saying my Uncle this and that. You can't stay until next Monday. Blah blah blah. You can't park your car there. Move it there. Non ending. My Uncle was in NJ working. I spent the night. We had a good day the next day despite the girlfriends trouble making. Then the evening hit and the phone call. I was screamed at by my Uncle for bringing the puppy. Who gave me permission, get out by Thursday night and the puppy is not allowed in my house. Keep her in the garage . His girlfriend said the puppy was pissing and shitting all over the house. In her closet, etc. Now my puppy was not allowed free run of the house. Had not been in their room, and not making any messes. Her dog had peed all over my bathroom. My 5 lb puppy does not lift her little leg and piss all over the toilet and the rug. Trust me, not possible. I just cleaned up the bathroom. Her male dog is about 60 lbs, makes messes on a whim, etc. My take was the girlfriend does not want my Grandmother happy and content for any period of time. She likes to keep her on pins and needles. Not good.
So my Uncles is screaming at me on the phone, telling me the puppy is not to be in his house, what was I thinking, get out by Thursday night, I am not to come to his house unless I pass it thru him. I give the phone back to his girlfriend. Now my Grams is mortified. I take my Grams and go find a pet friendly hotel. I finally found one, close enough, go back and pack up my stuff and take me and the puppy back to the hotel. Now by this time my Grams is beyond upset. No worries. We will just work around her and make the best of it. I checked out of the Cape Friday morning. We had breakfast together like always, took off for the days for picture taking and took the puppy with us everywhere. Like always. Grams still needed her puppy fix. We had dinner at the house in my Grams apartment every evening, and kept the puppy in view outside on a long chain. We would set up our chairs, put down a beach towel and play with the puppy, read and just enjoy our visit at the house. Outside. My Uncles girlfriend was just fuming at our antics. She was not making me leave. I put my car in the garage in my Grams spot. Took her Jeep, and played by my Uncles rules. But the harassment of my Grams didn't stop by the girlfriend. I have no idea what this chicks problem is, but she does not want my Grams in the house. It was just her stopping in with my Uncles verdicts and missives of the day. Or so she says. We just ignored her and did our own things. My Grams did tell her that I would still come visit often and that we are just going to leave the area for a few days on mini vacations. My idea. Grams loves it. The girlfriend said that was an excellent idea. I am not welcome by the girlfriend. Now this is my Uncles house. My Grams lives there for life. And the Girlfriend is not wanting her there. That is my take on it. She wants to marry my Uncle. Is she in for a surprise. He said he would NEVER marry again. Lets hope that is true. This one is nuts. She actually told my Grams to stay in her apartment and the house is not hers, it''s my Uncles. Excuse me. What is she a prisoner.
My Uncle finally arrives Thursday evening. My Grams goes up to him and he ignores her, doesn't speak to her, and goes about his business with the repair guy. Grams is heart broken. I leave for the hotel later. No sign of my uncle for the evening at Grams or the morning. I am packed up and checked out of the hotel. I am there for breakfast. We put the puppy on the leash outside. Have breakfast together and I have to leave. I am hoping things improved at the house. But I am not so sure. It seems that my Uncle does not want anyone at the house while he is there. But her older son and girlfriend showed up and moved in Thursday. And her 18 year old son arrived Friday. Wow.
Now my cousins wife and kids are planning on being there for 6 weeks. Starting in 2 weeks. My cousin will be going back and forth with his Dad to work in NJ. Oh and they are bringing the 2 cats. I love my cousins wife. She's awesome and the kids are so good. They also love my Grams. So she will have 6 weeks of non ending love. The girlfriend is not going to tolerate the bunch I am sure. But I will warn them by email what is going on. Should prove interesting. What a mess.
I am now back at my sisters for a week. Taking pictures, seeing friends and enjoying my vacation. I even got to tour the house I grew up in. They renovated it. My sister and I walked thru memory lane. The people living in it are wonderful and loved hearing about the history of the house. My Pop built it, my Mom was born there. Such history.
I am going to enjoy the week. And my family.
Have a fun summer everyone. I will write more later.