Thursday, October 18, 2007

Are we ready for the weekend?

I am taking off with my friend to Orlando for the week. The space shuttle is going up next week. (Hopefully). I've always wanted to see it go in person. My cameras will be there with me. Hopefully I will get a great shot. Let's hope for some great weather.

I get to see some of my Orlando friends. I miss them. I am taking my friend into the Animal Kingdom one day. She's never been. I love the Animal Kingdom. Maybe if she's feeling up to a whole day there, I can arrange for her to be a Grand Marshall in the parade at 4 pm. I will also get to show her my side of Disney. If she feels up to it, we will head over to The Magic Kingdom for some PIXIE DUST.

The gym is going good. It feels good to work out again. Yoga is good for stretching and maybe one day I will learn how to relax. I've had so many Dr.'s and physical therapists tell me to take yoga. I guess time will tell if I finally learn how to unwind.

Have an awesome day and Thank You for stopping by.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The children have found a new home and moved out.

That didn't take long at all. It's amazing how being very crowded and having 4 dogs and a cat under one roof will make those who need to get it together, get it together. One week total/ Saturday to Saturday.

Now I didn't cheer. But I was not sad to see them find a new home. They had me look at the property with them. I met the landlords. Measured the windows, and did a final walk thru for them with a check list while they went back to work. The things I do for them. But I love them. And I really wanted them to move out. It wasn't the kids. It was the four dogs that got to me. Constant chaos. By the end of the week the dogs had bonded incredibly. But trying to just take 2 at a time for a walk was not fun trying to get out the door. The other two blocked the door, tried to sneak under your feet, etc.

I also joined a gym last week. I needed the stress buster. I even did myself a huge favor and signed up for a year of personal training 4 times a month. I am very serious about getting back into top physical shape. And staying off the depression meds. I figure that the trainer will put me on the correct road to a balanced work out. I was trying to keep the gym a secret from my daughter. But she found me in the gym the second day. Oh well. So much for her not catching me for a few weeks. And being the nice child that she is. She chose the hardest trainer for me. He's living up to his name for sure. What a task master. But it feels good. Now getting back into top shape is a great way to turn 50 next year. I figure if I don't do it now, I will never get make it thru menopause in one piece.

So what interesting things have you done lately. My challenge to you is to do something for yourself that improves your life on a daily basis.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Sometimes as a parent the grown children boomerang right back into the nest.

They are back!!!!!!!

3 20's somethings and 2 dogs equals 4 in their 20's, one who stops in for dinner, 4 dogs and total chaos. And me.

Now the fun stuff is how they all get along. The dogs are wild and it's a constant fun experience to see at feeding time.
The cat got forgotten outside on the porch with the door left open. He roamed all night and came home for food this morning.
But hey, he got cantaloupe as a treat for being left out in the rain. Izzie is getting solo walks for a treat and Shiloh is getting a break by car trips. The kids 2 dogs are looking forlorn and trying to escape.

Now peace reigns for a few hours as they are all at their jobs and the gym. Now for dinner someone other than Mom is going to the grocery store and planning dinner. With their own debit card. Mine does have it's limit.

We won't even get into how much blended furniture is in my living room, my bedrooms and any where else they can fit stuff that didn't fit into the POD. The good news is they are actively looking for another house. I love these kids and dinner time is fun. Everyone eats together. My daughter is actually enjoying the invasion and tolerating it well. To a point. I do believe when her shampoo and conditioner goes down. All bets are off. And when she went to escape into the privacy in her room. Her brother was on her bed. Feet up on her exercise ball yapping on the phone with his girlfriend in Denver. Her patience was getting thinner. Then he camped out on her floor on her computer. Now I have 5 lap tops in this house. They all work.

Are we having fun yet? My privacy is GONE!!!!!!!! I had to take down my pull up bar so my bathroom door closes. Not an issue when it's just me using the bathroom in my room. And this rain is just not ending any time soon.

Time to get back to supervising the zoo before the puppy gets into anything else.

Have an awesome day!!!