Thursday, February 21, 2008

I hope all is well in everyones world. I have been pretty much gone working the Miami Boat Show.
The show is over for another year. Another successful year has come and gone. The last 2 days I just went
to the gym, and took some down time relaxing with my boyfriend. Yesterday we picnicked in a state park and then flew kites.
Too cold for the beach, so we just relaxed on his last day of vacation. Nice.

Today I went to the gym again. My legs are sore. The group I ride with are attempting to go riding tonight. Let's hope the rain finally leaves us. It's been very tropical the last few days.

Now it's time for final preparation for my next photography show on March 15th. And getting my tax things together. Then off to Cabo San Lucus I go with my girlfriend Judie. My first real trip out of the country. Fun times.

The picture is one I'm showing at my show.

Have an awesome day.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This is for everyone who needs a little beach time.

Feel the warmth.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

HI Welcome To My World!

I have been getting busy for my annual work at the Miami International Boat Show. Every year I pull out my CDL drivers license and drive crazy hours for 5 days straight. This year I changed my driving team up. A needed change for my sanity and peace of mind. I'll see how my new driver does. It should be interesting to see how well I will work with my boyfriend. If he didn't have such great customer service skills and driving skills. It would have been a no go. But I trust him to pull it off and not get road rage. My daughter drives her days of Sunday and Monday. Both had to take time off from their jobs for this driving job. But I pay much better than their real jobs.
I am also getting ready for my next photography show. The photos are being printed. They should be shipped this week. I have the frames. Thank You Michael's Crafts for that 40% off sale so timely in my need of 20 frames.
I have also been spending a lot of time on the beach and of course the gym. I had to take a week off of working on my upper body. My tendinitis flared again in my shoulder. But I will attempt to work it tomorrow and see how it holds. I did go for a nice ride today on my bike. Windy for sure. And I plan on doing gym and bike and beach the next 3 days before the show starts on Thursday. Then I won't come up for air until the following Tuesday. But I love doing the show. I love to drive. So no worries.
I am not a big fan of Valentines Day. So I have never had an issue working the boat show and not celebrating the day that puts unrealistic expectations on all couples. And is a creation of the card companies. Why should anyone spend ridiculous amounts of money on roses that will cost only $12.99 a dozen the following day. I would rather have roses all year long for no reason. And be treated well all year long. Not go out to dinner and spend gobs of money for an inferior meal. I guess I've just waited tables too many holidays. Go out to dinner on a weekday, have a great meal and no wait.

So for all those who read my blog. Have a very Happy Valentines Day. An awesome week. I will be reading. Let me know what's new in your world.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Here we go with a picture that is straight. I haven't figured out how to rotate a picture on the blog yet. So if anyone has any idea how to rotate please HELP. I will be showing this photo at my show in March. It's just pretty and serene. So enjoy the peacefulness.

This is the bike my sweetie was breaking in for the Harley dealership he works for. Every week when he has 2 to 3 days off in a row they give him a new bike to break in the right way. They have a whole fleet of rentals and loaner bikes that need to be run to see if anything needs fine tuning on. When he gets bikes like this I have to ride on the back and not on my bike. But it's all good. It's kind of nice to just sit back, listen to the music and take pictures while going down the road with the wind blowing in my hair. I wear a helmet though. So does he.

Now on Tuesday when we were riding around we took a wrong turn and had the distinct pleasure of running into a very intellectually challenged security guard. Now this lady I am hoping just had limited language skills. But hey she had a job and was at it. She walks up to us and says " you no go here, leave" no seriously she talks like this. This is a state park entrance that has a blocked entrance. We just wanted to know where the entrance was. Now she's blocking us from turning. She tells us where to go, and keeps telling us to leave. Now my sweetie and I keep saying to her,"please move out of the way" We try hand signals, words, more hand signals, etc./ This lady is just not getting it. Now she's getting really pissed that we are not turning and taking off. Now look at the size of this bike. This bike is one heavy bike. One does not turn this bike on a dime. It takes lots of room and there is sand and gravel around. Not good. This goes on for a good 5 minutes. I can't make this up. There really are people this dumb. She finally gets pissed off and stalks away to lean on her car and watches us leave. Unbelievable. Sometimes you really just need to shake your head. We waved good bye to her and took off safely without dumping the 900 pound bike.

Last night I went and attempted to see a Rod Stewart concert with a friend of mine. Attempted is the correct word here. The tickets were ridiculously expensive. $100 to $300. I walk up to the box office window. It is a well known fact down here that all box offices release unused tickets in all price ranges 2 hours before the show. It's always worth a try to see a good concert and get a good seat. Last night that was just not the case. They had several $100 tickets available. Totally blocked view behind a column on the top row against the side wall. Say What!!!! Your actually trying to sell that seat. Amazing. I don't think so. $150 tickets were not much better. Totally blocked view. Speakers only , not the top row, but seriously close. Now for $200 you got the same section but could actually see a corner of the stage. I don't think so. Now I like Rod Stewart but not that much. All seats with a decent view or any view were $300 a piece. Lets just say we passed on that one. So we hung out a the venue area and had some dinner and people watched. It was at the local Hard Rock Seminole Casino which has a lot of live music playing in the shopping and courtyard areas. When they planned this area, they did a really nice job. I don't gamble, but we did go into the casino to watch and see the new Las Vegas style slots. Amusing.

Now not everything was frustrating yesterday. I had a good workout at the gym, a great day on the beach with my sweetie.
Today is a bike ride with my friend from last night, ( he saved my life 2 1/2 years ago), and breakfast somewhere on the beach.
Maybe some more naked sun bathing. I'll see on that one. I just spent the last 2 days on the beach.

I hope all is well in your world and thanks for stopping by.