Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This was taken going down alligator alley by a friend of mine. I was going 80 mph.

Have an awesome day!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I like the new pipes.
Much louder ( helps others hear me I hope)
Better insulated and the placement is much more practical for less heat.
More torque. Just what I needed.

I hope everyone is having an awesome day>

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WHAT A DAY!!!!!!!

A few friends and I went for a seriously long ride yesterday on our bikes to have lunch with another friend.
We ended up putting over 300 miles on our bikes just for a sub sandwich and great company.

We ate our subs under a very large and old banyan tree. The guys are in the trunk.

The picture of me is with my friend Kenny and Romeo. These guys I have ridden with a lot. Kenny called and asked if I wanted to ride. These guys all know each other from Rhode Island. We had so much fun. What a gorgeous and windy day.

On our way back across alligator alley we saw this huge guy hanging out by a gas station.

Just another day in South Florida.

Today I dropped my bike off at the dealers so I can get my new pipes on finally. This will be really expensive but worth it if it gets rid of the heat issue I am having. I swear it's like sitting on a furnace.

Have an awesome week.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


We really need the rain. Badly. But enough already.
It hasn't stopped in 4 days.

I got rained off the beach again yesterday. I went to a Brazilian festival today on the beach to see a foot-volley tournament. It's huge in Brazil. You play foot volleyball. No hands. gets interesting. These guys are in great shape for sure and love being in the sand. I know more got there and got deluged on. I just laughed and walked in the down poor back to my car. It's a really good thing I brought a bag for my camera and phone just in case it rained.

I am hoping to go riding tomorrow with Harry. Or not. He seems really busy or really not interested. Amazing. I really hate dating. I understand it 's tax season and he's an accountant. But come on. I guess I am not the most patient person.

I hope everyone is having a great day.

Friday, March 13, 2009



Actually today my "Wusband" got shipped out to Iraq for the next 4 months. He went on active duty last week. He was supposed to be in Ft. Bragg for 2 weeks followed by 3 months in Iraq then back for 2 weeks and off active duty and back to reserves. I am not so sure the Gov't or Army cares about what is supposed to be verses what they do.

So lets all say a prayer that he comes homes safely from this adventure of being a Doctor to our soldiers in Iraq. I personally hope he grows up a little and gets rid of his God complex. Yes he is one of those Dr's that think they are all knowing and God like. All in all I just want him home safely so he can someday enjoy life and watch our grandchildren grow up. (when we finally get them of course).

Tomorrow my daughter in law and I are going to auditions for "The Amazing Race". They are 15 minutes from my house and she wants to get there before 7 am. Go figure. I am having a tough time getting up before 7:30 after the time change.

Today is Friday the 13th with a full moon. Is that why it rained on me at the beach after I got a wonderful massage?

And last but not least for tomorrow my boyfriend Harry and I are going to the Panthers hockey game. I hope they win. They are in playoff contention and that makes Harry really happy. He's great and very busy. He's a forensic accountant. And it is tax season. So he is swamped with deadlines. A big one on Sunday then April 15th. He swears he's taking a few days off on April 16th. Time will tell.

I hope you all have an awesome weekend.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy 26th birthday to my youngest Andrew.

My daughter thought it would be fun to make him a red velvet cake dyed purple with lavender icing. Everyone got a kick out of it. My youngest has a great sense of humor. A few years ago he got a krispy cream doughnut cake with strawberries and sparklers.

So our menu was pizza, wings, BYOB on the beer, etc. and around 15 people. My neighbors were wondering what was going on during the week.

Tonight we are having a small doggie party for my little Shiloh. She is 2 today.

Have a fun day!!!

Friday, March 06, 2009


This week a friend gave me a Yorki that is almost a year old. What a sweet girl. Her name is Cocoa. A few months ago he asked if I could take the dog or find it a good home. I said yes. Well he called this week wanting to know if I was still willing to take her. I said tomorrow so the dog didn't have to go thru his ex wifes move. I think moves are really tough on animals.

So Cocoa is at my house until Monday when her new family will pick her up. They came over and met her and fell in love with her. Leo is a pharmacist and works with my daughter and they were talking about Yorkis and how they wanted one. I do believe Cocoa will be very spoiled rotten. I am really glad my daughter found her a good home. Not that mine is not a great home for pampered pets. But I really don't want or need 3 dogs. It's just too much work. Now my whole neighborhood has fallen in love with this little girl.

The second picture is of my Shiloh. She is not amused by the addition into the house. She has been down right nasty to her. She has gotten very nippy lately and bit the little 1 year old (neighbor) this afternoon. Not bad, just nipped her finger when Brianna stuck her hand in her face. As 1 year olds are prone to do. I feel bad for Shiloh. She's getting lots of smacks in her snout and lots of time out into the crate.

On the other part of my life that is not ruled by animals. I met a new guy who is really nice. We went out to lunch last week then he was out of town until yesterday. He landed an hour before he picked me up for a hockey game. We had fun. He's a forensic accountant and rides a Harley. He's working tomorrow day. It is tax time after all. Then we are going out to another hockey game (he's a huge fan and has season tickets for Florida Panthers and Denver Avalanche) He also has an office in Denver. Then we are going to a friend of his grand opening of a restaurant in Boca Raton. Ritzy. He said no jeans with holes in them for tomorrow. We are both big fans of casual clothes for the bikes we ride. I clean up nice and can behave myself. So I will show him that side of me tomorrow.

Sunday we are going riding all day. He never works Sundays if he is here. Then we have obligations to stop in and take care of. Like my neighbors 3 year olds birthday party. He also has clients coming in from Canada that we are taking out to dinner. But never fear. The weather tomorrow thru Wednesday is supposed to be low 80's and sunny. I do believe I will be on the beach tomorrow for sure.

On the other side of my compartmentalized life. My "wusband " flies out and goes on active duty for 4 months. He will be in Ft. Bragg for 2 weeks then off to Iraq for 3 months, back to Ft. Bragg for another 2 weeks then home. So I guess that makes me an Officers wife again. This time I don't have to play the game. Thank God.

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend.