Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Welcome to my life lately.

Saturday I spent at the gym and riding my motorcycle. What a great day. I rode all the way up to Palm Beach by myself.

Sunday was the Chili Cook off. This is one of the largest country concerts in the country. It's crazy. Tons of people. The music is incredible. At least 5 top country acts are there every year. This years biggest group was Big & Rich. Fun. Taylor Swift, Gretchen Wilson, etc. I went with my daughter, my adopted sons girlfriend, my adopted sons younger brother, and my girlfriend Judy. Just an all around good day.

Monday was my sweeties birthday. So we rode to the beach for breakfast. (after the gym) He spent lunch with his Mom, Then we went out to dinner. Yummy Thai food.

Today was ride all day. (after the gym) We went to Key Biscayne and just had a great Florida kind of day. Key Biscayne is in Miami and the start of the Florida Keys. Just a really neat place. The shack is actually a very old squatters camp / restaurant that sells smoked fish and drinks. The owner has been squatting there since 1954 in a park and there is nothing anyone can do about it. What a really cool place. No rent, no taxes. I do believe he has it made. I actually tried the smoke tuna. Really good. And I don't like fish. We had also stopped at a very old Cuban place. Grabbed some Ropa Vieja (old socks) which is shredded beef. My favorite Cuban food. We brought it to Jimbos where we had the smoked fish. Then we went to the end of Key Biscayne to the state park and took cool pictures of the light house and the surrounding area. A nice relaxing day.

So what has everyone been up to while I have been off riding my motorcycle?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Welcome to my Tuesday.

Yesterday my sweetie and I went for a ride up A1A into Palm Beach county where the rich and famous live.
The atmosphere up there is so different. More ladida. It's funny. Most days you find me on the nude beach in Dade county.
Running around Broward county on my motorcycle. Yesterday was just a fun and peaceful and COLD AND WINDY day on the beach and bikes. We are such beach people that we always end up on or near the beach with the camera.

We started our day with breakfast on my beach at my favorite restaurant, (great breakfasts), and a late lunch early dinner back in our home town at another favorite place of ours on the Intercoastal.

Today was started at the gym with my trainer. We are now including my daughter into my training sessions. I think she needs the structure. And she and my trainer are good friends and he agrees. The hard part is always getting her to agree. Then I washed my bike. (filthy from yesterday) and off to the grocery store. Such an interesting day.

I hope all is well in your world.

Monday, January 14, 2008

I figured since everyone is freezing I would give you all a little Florida Sunshine.

Sunday was a breezy beach day. Not the best of beach days, but a beach day none the less. I got some reading done. Like half the new James Patterson novel about Alex Cross. And I started it at the gym.

Today was some gym time followed by a day of riding with my sweetie. Now I have had my bike a year tomorrow. When I bought it, he was with me and actually picked this bike out for me. He still says it was a good choice. It suits me. He drove it home for me too. I had no idea how to even turn it on. I now have over 5500 miles on it. All but 200 by me. I guess it's all good.
My sweetie and I rode all day. He lost a friend yesterday and needed to unwind. So he rode a bike, I rode my bike and we had the camera with us. Out to the Everglades we went. Down to the marina we went. He likes how I ride. Hard to believe in the year I've had the bike we've never ridden together. We may head to the Keys again tomorrow on the bikes. We'll see. (after the gym of course) He liked to ask me questions knowing he wouldn't get an answer. I had on a full face helmet. He couldn't have heard me anyway. I find myself acting like a Disney character with my full face helmet on. I didn't talk from the moment the head went on to the time it came off. I told him to enjoy the quiet. I'm not usually quiet by any stretch. He just laughed at me and turned up the music on his bike so I could hear it. He's a nice guy.

Now I have had a few good days. How about you?

Our temperature has dropped again. BRRRR!!!!!! Low 70's during the day all week and the low 50's at night. At least it's not what we had a few weeks ago. That was way too cold.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I went to the Florida Keys again yesterday just for the day. And to take pictures.

Most people think the Keys are more like the South Florida area with Palm Trees, etc.
But the Keys are very different. They are more mangrove, rocky beaches, etc. It is a fisherman's
paradise for sure. I like the feel of the real florida. It has gotten very commercial for sure. Packed.
But the hotels are mostly old time, nothing fancy. Except in Key West of course. Condos are going up everywhere.
Nothing new there. But the building is very controlled by the local government trying to keep it as real as possible.

I like the Keys for sure. But I like the Island atmosphere. I am also a big fan of Sanibel and Captiva on the west coast of
Florida. Very relaxing.

I hope everyone has a place that they can just go and relax. Mine is the beach. Always the beach. That is where I am
most at home with my thoughts. Where is your place?

Monday, January 07, 2008

Welcome to my Sunday. We took a 280 mile motorcycle ride to the Keys yesterday.
The weather was glorious. A friend of the lead rider Walter (he owns the Italian restaurant on the beach)
is in from Germany for a few more days. Mikie is so much fun and had a blast. We also have a new rider
in the group. He knows the group from Southwest airlines that ride with us. Jim is a lot of fun and a good rider.
He wanted the couples picture taken in case we become a couple. Funny guy. He's letting it very well known
that he likes me. I'm not sure I will go down the road. I really like riding with this group of guys.

I hope everyone had as much fun this weekend as I did.

Friday, January 04, 2008

I am continuing on with my journey thru 2007.
While on my trip this summer I got to spend some time with my best friend. The shot of us on her husbands boat is a classic. I work for Contender during the Miami boat show. 5 weeks and counting until the boat show craziness begins again.

2007 brought a new puppy into our house. Izzie was not pleased at all. Jasper the cat was skeptical to say the least. They are all buddies now. But the cute little white puffball stole our hearts. Shiloh is a bundle of energy at 9 months. I like to say that my daughters dog Izzie is like it's owner, slow to start the day. While Shiloh is 100 % me and my energy. She runs full fledge out the door seeking new adventure.

I hope everyone is starting to thaw out after a few days of freezing. It's 70 again today. I am pleased with the warmth.