Monday, June 30, 2008

This is one of my best friends Walter. Walter was just diagnosed with acute mylogenous leukemia. You've read a lot about Walter, his restaurant on the beach we all hang out at. I ride with him. And I've known him since 1995. Thats a long time.

Walter also has no insurance. The best part of no insurance is he's still in the hospital. They are running the tests that need to get run and we will have the results really quickly. Today and tomorrow. See with no insurance they can't turn down the tests to save money. He's already had his bone marrow test. With insurance getting that test done is tough. Let alone 3 days after you find out how sick you are. The Dr's have told him with insurance he would already be at home and all follow up would be at the office. It sure makes you wonder. And all of us have talks with Walter in the last few months about his insurance. He said; "I'm only 44 and I have never been sick" It makes me wonder what we all knew.

His parents are already in, his brother got in last night and his cousin is coming in today to run the restaurant. Italian restaurants are huge in this family. We will be raising money for him to help with these bills that are piling up. And if he needs a bone marrow transplant, then we will just keep raising money till we get it done. And i have the same blood type. You bet i'll register and be tested for a match. We all will.

They brought in his dinner last night. No need for hospital food. His Dad had brought in a pizza from his place, another friend had made ribs and mashed potatoes. Food won't be a problem for sure. The nurses are nice and attentive. Don't mind that his private room is packed with all of us. They already know him at check in. He's really loved and it shows. His daughter has been spending the night. So they brought in a cot for her. She's 18 and already talking not going to college in August. She won't leave her Dad. I don't blame her for that one. My daughter will work with her on how to postpone her education without loosing her 100% scholarship. Smart girl. Valedictorian in the magnet school.

Anyway, please keep Walter and his family in your prayers. He's going to need all the help he can get

Update: Walter got the test results in today. The results were not good. He has full blown leukemia. So he starts chemo tomorrow and is requesting no visitors until further notice. They are saying he will be in the hospital at least a month. He's just trying to absorb all that this entails. As his closest friends we are all in the same boat and will do everything in our power to get him and his family thru this in one piece. Walter is one of the nicest people on the planet. He's real people. And will do anything and everything for anyone. It's time to return the favor in spades.

Friday, June 27, 2008

I got tented this week for termites. If you've ever had the pleasure of this experience, you know how fun it can be. First you have to find a place to stay for up to 3 days. Pack up all food items, toiletries, etc. Not gag on all the things you are throwing out. (It is good for purging the refrigerator and pantry though.)
As you can tell from the picture we had some damage. Now how that got broken I am not sure. But I would thing their might have been some termites hanging out in the woodwork. Then one of the guys putting up the tent did a little stepping.
Three adults and 2 dogs, and a cat stuffed into a small hotel room was cramped. It's a very good thing my kids are grown and we like each other. The dogs (especially my little white one) decided they needed to announce every single person walking down the hall. We were thinking of buying some muzzles. The cat was a champ. Much to our surprise. Poor Izzie had eyes like saucers and was a total nervous mess the whole time. Shiloh considered it a huge adventure like anything new. Lets just say I am happy to be home. But the cleanup continues.
I have washed the linens, the floors, the refrigerator, my underwear. (i know, they say it's not harmful and you don't need to, but I really like clean undies, clean dishes, etc.) If what they use kills bugs, etc. Do I really want to eat off the plates, drink from the cups and use the silver ware before washing. I think I will just put my mind to rest and do some cleaning for my own peace of mind.
My daughter still went to work, I went to school, and my son just worked from a hotel instead of home. We still went to the gym. But we ate out. So life went on. And the termites hopefully died and won't land on my daughter anymore while she's sleeping. Which will make us all happier. Thats what started this whole mess.
My weekend will hopefully be spent on the beach. Tonight is a Toby Keith concert and the weather looks like it will cooperate. It's an outside amphitheater. This is a fun venue. But only if it stays dry. I've been poured on twice up there. Not fun for sure. Then it takes an hour to get home.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

I have survived another week of learning to deal poker. Next week will be week 6. I actually feel like I am making progress.
But I sure don't see myself finishing it up any time soon. Now I see why no one finishes in 6 weeks. The good news is I don't have to pay additional money.

Monday I played hooky and went to the Keys with my friend on a bike. I understand almost everyone from school took the day off. Quiet. I needed a break.

Yesterday was a beach morning. Gorgeous and the dogs were at the groomers. They look so cute. I also skipped the gym yesterday. So I dragged myself to the gym this morning. It didn't look good for the beach. Now it looks gorgeous. But it's also the hottest part of the day and I feel no need to bake when I can just go in the morning when it's less packed and peaceful. And much cooler. But I will go riding tonight. Just as long as it doesn't rain.

So what are your summer plans? I am staying put for the most part. I had originally wanted to spend some time on the Jersey Shore. But it's getting too expensive to travel this summer. And I live in paradise to start with. So I see no need to go to New Jersey , be without my motorcycle for an extended period of time. You get the idea.

Have and awesome week and thanks for stopping by and saying hello.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I photographed my first wedding on Sunday. I think it was a good experience. The bride and groom are very low key, they loved the pictures. I actually showed them the finished work this evening. They are forgoing a honeymoon until later. He just lost his Dad 3 weeks ago. I left them 2 disks full of pictures. One for the wedding and one for the reception. Their blended family is now 5. The little guy is hers and the girls are his. Nice kids,

School is going well. Frustrating, hard to stay inside for 6 hours.

I'll write more later.