Monday, April 26, 2010


I had a blast all weekend. The ride up was fun with The Dirty White Boys and several cars. Then off to Leesburg Friday evening for a few hours. It was just starting to kick into bike weekend gear. Then home to the house for buffalo burgers. Yumm.

Saturday we took off and went riding until it was time to meet up with the Dirty White Boys and all the others up in the area for the spreading of the ashes for Poppy. We had over 70 bikes for this solemn occasion and Poppy's last ride on a motorcycle. His family came up in one of the cars. We had no police escort, and just rode tight and had a nice ride. I don't think we had a permit to scatter the ashes. But off into the wind he went up on the mountain surrounded by friends and family and a lot of motorcycles. What a gorgeous spot overlooking the lake on a bright and sunny day.

Then off Chris, Sue and I went around the lake and all around the area for a ride. Sue took off in her car while Chris and I went to dinner with friends for a birthday celebration. 16 people who just crack each other up. I got my lobster dinner for free since they forgot to put the order in the kitchen with the other 15 dinners. Mine came out after everyone ate and they brought the birthday cake out at the same time and the birthday girl was right next to me.

Sunday I rode home with a friend of mine the long way. Sue took off down the turnpike while my wusband rode about halfway with us and headed for home.

All in all I rode around 800 miles in 3 days.

Last night we celebrated a friends birthday at a biker bar. With female impersonators. Large, black and male and funny as crap. I got great pictures.

Just an all around great weekend. I hope yours was also.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My week in review.

Last Saturday night we celebrated my friend Walter's 45th birthday. We are so blessed to still have him. He is in remission from his acute milogenic leukemia. His girlfriend pulled off a great surprise birthday party and everyone kept the secret. The fact that he survived the last 1 1/2 years is such a gift.

Monday night I took pictures at a bridal shower. I got railroaded into it. The pictures turned out great. I don't know the bride that well, the couple are good friends with friends of mine. I am not the biggest advocate of marriage. I am not sure I really believe in it anymore. I do know I have no desire to get married again.

This weekend I am heading up to Leesburg bike festival with friends and new friends. I am staying with my Wusband. He is going to join in the fun. I am also taking pictures of the whole thing and getting paid for it. And writing a short story about it. I won't be getting paid a lot. But I will have fun. I will also be taking pictures of spreading the ashes of our dear friend Poppy. I will just take pictures of the gathering. I doubt I will stand down wind.

I hope your all having a great week. I have been working. I got rained out again on Monday. Learned the snackbar the last few days and have a cart shift tomorrow. They changed my in time to noon, and be on the course by 1. That really works for me. I can now go to the gym first. That makes me happy.

Enjoy your weekend. I will.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Last Sunday we had a small intimate dinner at Sandra's house. It was pouring outside but we had a blast.
Sandra is a chef with her own restaurant. What an eclectic group.

The girl picture is( left to right) Maria (singer), Sandra (chef), me (photographer) and Melanie (nail tech and business owner)

Sandra is a chef. 2 ballerinas, a Harley sales guy (Sandra's boyfriend), a nail tech, a storm door sales guy, an accountant, a pilot ( my sweetie), Maria is has been a back up singer for KC and the Sunshine band for 20 years. Man can she sing. and me the photographer. But not that night.

Now the food was to die for of course. Yummy. The company was interesting and just fun. I love it when such different people get together.

This week I started working for the golf course. Much different than the last course I worked for. But laid back for sure.
A typical cart shift. Sun, wind, flying golf balls, with period of rain just for kicks. At least the golfers on this course don't take it so seriously. The last course in Orlando was a PGA qualifier course. Much different level of players.

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend.

Tonight is yoga on the beach with my daughter teaching the class. Tomorrow night is my friend Walter's surprise birthday party. He's the one with leukemia. And Sunday we are all supposed to ride for Poppy in remembrance of him. Sunday may just be a washout. 80% chance of rain and thunder storms. I do believe I live in South Florida.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

My version of an Easter basket this year.

You should have seen my oldest sons face. Priceless.

Easter was really nice, great food, great family and friends.

I have my motorcycle finally fixed. After many time consuming and frustrating hours they decided to put a new back wheel on my motorcycle. They took one off a new one. That works for me. The baring issues and the wheel wobble caused internal damage that was hard to find. It pays to keep complaining and calling corporate until they find the problems. I am vocal for sure.

Have a fun week. I am still waiting to start my new job at the golf course.

Friday, April 02, 2010


What fun do you have planned?

My Wusband is coming in tonight for the weekend of fun family stuff.

I finally have my motorcycle back and fixed. I had bearing issues on both tires. I am lucky I didn't get hurt and that I pay such close attention to whatever I am riding or driving. The weather is sure pretty out. But alas, I really have domestic crap to deal with.

Dinner is leg of lamb (marinating now) for Sunday. My girlfriend who owns the Italian restaurant gave me the marinade recipe and will be coming on Sunday. She also bringing roasted veggies, some wine, dessert, etc. It's really tough having a chef as a friend. NOT!!! I think I am having around 10 people for dinner.

Tomorrow night a friend of mine is singing in Fort Lauderdale, I think the Wusband and I are going to listen.

Have a fun weekend.