Friday, September 24, 2010

The Keys trip was fun.

The trip down was a nightmare. I had to remove my camera bag and phone and put it into the chase vehicle. I am glad I did.
I have no desire to ride across the 7 mile bridge alone in a feeder band of a hurricane again. I could see nothing. Including my honey behind me someplace and our chase vehicle. The only good thing was my rain gear kept my ipod playing. So I had great music in the driving rain with no visibility.

We had fun in Key West. I hopped a cab back to the hotel Thursday night around 11 ish. I was exhausted while everyone else stayed out until 4 am. Yikes. I did manage to stay out later on Friday night. It's a good thing I don't drink a lot. My friends all drank enough for all of us.

The ride home was nice and I ended up doing a photo shoot of everyone coming home down a bridge. Fun shot and I almost didn't get out of the way in time.

The rest of the week has been work and rain, rain, rain. My wusband is in for the weekend to do an early celebration of our daughters 29th birthday.

My oldest had a great interview in Bethesda and said he felt good about it. They flew him up. Good sign. They should let him know this week. Bethesda is far away but just a plane ride.

Have a fun weekend.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It is time to go to the Keys for a nice long weekend with my biker friends and my honey.

I haven't been on this poker run in 2 years. Last time I went I bought a new motorcycle because I had a nail in the tire of a perfectly good year old motorcycle that I had put 10,000 miles on. Do not let me stop at a Harley dealership again.
I can resist the temptation. I love my bike.

The other picture is a family shot from my sons birthday last month. I took my oldest out to breakfast this morning. He is job hunting and waiting for an offer from a job in Bethesda, MD. If he gets it I hope they pay him what he is worth. I am glad he is looking out of FL. Smart kid but I will really miss him.

It has been a week of taking my boys out to eat one on one. Bud and I took Andrew out for Thai food the other day.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I am going to have a blast in Key West.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to me.

My girlfriend Sandra had a small dinner at her house for myself and our friend Jackie. Our birthdays are 5 days apart. Sandra can cook for us anytime. She made a 4 course meal and outdid herself.

Saturday was my birthday and I spent it with my honey in the morning, beach with my oldest and youngest then birthday cake at home before the Toby Keith Concert with my friend Sandra and my daughter and her friend Jen. Awesome concert.

Sunday was a huge BBQ at my honey's house. His crash pad is his best friends house. ( since 5th grade) He rents the guest room. he has a great deal. He lives in a big house if he is in town and his friends get their utilities paid. He has an apartment in Iowa where his boys live. He is never there either.

Monday was a long day at work. It didn't rain until I finished and was unloading my cart.

This weekend Sandra and I are heading to Naples to go for a nice long ride.

On Thursday the biker world heads to the Keys and Key West for a huge bike event. Our group heading down on Thursday morning is over 50 bikes. Yikes. We will be creating a traffic mess.

Have an awesome week. I will.

Friday, September 03, 2010


Since it is my birthday tomorrow I am debating what to do all weekend.

I will start with a photo shoot at Sandra's this afternoon then she is cooking dinner for myself and another friend who has a birthday in a few weeks. Us Virgos have to stick together.

Tomorrow I will probably have breakfast with my honey who is working all weekend. He has so much going on the next few weekends he is getting all his flying in when he can. I will never tell him not to work. Even though I would love for him to be around. Hang out with my kids in the afternoon, maybe. Then off to a Toby Keith concert tomorrow night with my daughter, my girlfriend Sandra and another friend of ours. Weather permitting. Lawn seats are not fun in the pouring rain.

My idea of a good time. No fuss.

Sunday will be some riding and a bbq at a friends house. Weather permitting of course.

Back to work on Monday.. A long day on the golf course. Weather permitting of course again.

I am debating getting the long t-shirt. But I doubt the bikers would get that I mean everyone of them who drinks then gets on their motorcycles. I see dumb people all the time.

Have an awesome weekend and try and stay dry and be safe.