Monday, June 21, 2010

I had such a busy weekend taking pictures for biking events and going for a local ride with the girls on Saturday.

I have come to the conclusion that I am so over people who drink to excess and people who drink on their bikes.

One of my best friends dropped his bike last night and has no clue why he was in my town. I spoke to him this morning. He is sore, has a stitched up face and head. But he was with a friend who helped him pick up his huge bike and he managed to ride it home. Not far. But he was closer to my house. The bike is damaged, his face is damaged, his body hurts like a mother. I told him I would gladly come take pictures tomorrow when he looks like a black and blue mess and print it. I will do it too.
After he got home he called a friend who took him to the emergency room to stitch him up.

It has been way too hot to drink and ride your motorcycle. Stop the insanity. It's insanity to ride when drinking anyway. But come on. Use your brain.

The guy I had been seeing on and off for 6 months is gone for good due to his drinking also. Maybe I just have no tolerance for people who drink to excess.

Have a fun Monday. I have to get ready for work. Lets hope the storms miss our course today so I can work.

Friday, June 18, 2010


I have a busy photography weekend for a magazine I take pictures for. And next weekend.
Busy, busy, busy.

But first I am going riding with the girls first thing tomorrow morning while it's only 90 with a heat index of 100.
I swear if it gets any hotter we will all start and believe we are in Africa. Wait. Africa is probably cooler.

First the winter was cold, now the summer is blistering hot. And it's only June. We had no middle.

The kids left to see their Dad for the weekend. I almost went. But work intruded.

I did manage to get in a little beach time today. Then the storms moved in from nowhere. I was so looking forward to evening out my tan lines from the course and bike. My friends couldn't believe how pale I am. On my body. My arms and face are good.

Enjoy your weekend. I will be going to bed early. I am tired.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A day in the life on the golf course.
As I go round and round and round I go. I see pilfering raccoons, begging ducks, even the babies know how to beg now. And they are only a few weeks old. The squirrel cracked me up getting some shade by the clubhouse.
If you look really close in the grass shot you will see a burrowing owl. They are protected and will his and attack you if you get too close. I have counted 6 owls now between 3 protected nests in the middle of the golf course.

Today I rode up to Lantana to an very old restaurant with just the girls. What a gorgeous ride.
Fun ride for sure.
Tomorrow I am going around and around again from 7 a.m. until it either rains or around 7:30 pm. Long day. I don't usually work weekends. Someone is on vacation.

Have an awesome weekend. Go USA in World Cup Soccer. We made it thru the first game tying with England. Oh Yea.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I am not usually very political.


Now if we can send people to the moon, are you telling me they have no idea how to fix this disaster in the gulf.
And if that is the case, who let them drill there in the first place. The environmental impact is catastrophic.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

My poor flowers are not doing so well. The smaller pots died totally. I have half left of the big pot.

Help Kathy. I never kill impatiens.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

What a fun weekend.

I spent it in Isslamarada at a small place called The Drop Anchor Inn. Sweet.
We had all 18 rooms to just us with just our group of merry misfits.
All rooms were suites and we piled people in on the long weekend.

5 boats were trailered in, a jet ski, etc. The pool had a sign that said no pool toys. We filled it. It was just us.

I read all weekend sitting by the pool, floating in the pool and swinging in a hammock. Bliss.

We came back on Sunday before the traffic for work. Work was crazy busy yesterday.

Time to get back in the swing of things.

Have an awesome June.