Saturday, August 28, 2010


I found out today that a friend and former neighbors ( last year) 18 year old son was killed in a car crash yesterday morning.
So very sad. Sam was a nice kid. Graduated high school last year just before I moved. He had just called his Mom at 3 am and said he was on his way home. He always called his Mom to check in and let her know his comings and goings. A house rule.
Ten minutes later he was in a horrific car accident. The friend of his that was driving was drunk. I don't know the specifics but Sam was killed on impact. The driver managed to escape the car before it blew up. He is in critical condition.

When will anyone realize that alcohol and moving vehicles just don't mix. No matter what age you are. Now this young man has killed his best friend, has an under age DUI and manslaughter. If he survives he will go to jail without passing go. His life is ruined. Both families are destroyed. I know my friend Tammy. She is an accomplished artist and painter and lived her life for her 3 children. Sam was her baby. Her 27 year old daughter is mentally challenged. I hope and pray some day Tammy and her family recover. And come to live with this senseless tragedy.

Last weekend while my wusband was in town for our sons 32nd birthday. A so called friend decided she didn't like the fact that I can be friends with my ex. Hang out with him and get along with him. So she goes off the deep end because someone in some bar who doesn't know me. Told her something someone said.. Knowing her she was running her mouth at a bar close to where I was sitting on the beach with my wusband. He was sleeping. We were minding our own business doing what we have always for 36 years done. Hang out on the beach. Hell. We met on the beach in NJ in 1974 as teenagers. I love the fact that my wusband and I can be friends again. We do have a family together that we both love and cherish. Our family loves the fact that we can all be together without any problems.

Now I should mention that my boyfriend Bud loaned her a sum of money and she has to pay it back to me or him on a weekly basis. Now just him. It was time to pay and she was supposed to pay cash, no check and have it paid on Friday. Week 2 and late again. There is a reason I was a payee. I don't travel for a living and live down the street.

Lets just say that she is a drama queen, hot head with overblown fake titties, lots of tattoos and a really bad short fuse. Did I mention she is a bartender. I had called her out the week before for over serving my boyfriend and his friends and questioned the amount of the bar bills.

After threatening me with bullshit, I told her I had no clue what she was talking about. Still don't . She said she was going to call Bud and text him and destroy my life. She tried. I asked her to leave him alone since he was with friends on vacation. She didn't listen. I have issues with people like this. I really thought she was a friend. Well. No friend of mine treats anyone like this. Lets just say she may have caused some issues between me and Bud. She came out looking like the ass she is. Bud didn't believe a word she said but she managed to plant doubts. The weird thing is she told him nothing but lies and he knows me and knows I do not ever hang out in bars drinking and asking others to pay. That I am not cheating on him. ETC, ETC< ETC...

Now I have a cardinal rule I happen to live by. "DO NO HARM" I will never go up to someone and repeat something someone said about them. I don't interfere in others relationships and try and destroy them. And I would never intentionally set out to destroy anyone. Just bad karma. Now because I am non confrontational, people think I am a pushover. Nope. But I will not retaliate. Life and people like this get what they deserve. I don't have to do a thing.

There is a country song on the radio right now. I like it. " I Pray For You" It applies here.

I also believe we all deserve the right to live and let live as we see fit. Just because someone does not get my lifestyle doesn't mean it is wrong. It just may not be right for them. If those in my close life have no issues why would someone else have a say in it. The reason most people have no issues with me is they know me and that I will never do harm. I am empathic and feel way to much. I don't like conflict or angry words. I can't watch fighting or boxing, etc.

Said trouble making friend decided by text that she may have been wrong and over reacted and wants to talk and be friends.
4 hours after the text she got my very polite reply so she has no lingering doubt. NO THANK YOU> Loose the number and never interfere in my life again. I am not interested in any contact.

Now my boyfriend is not questioning this and it does make him getting paid back and issue. Not my problem. She violated my personal code of conduct. He gets that. He and I are fine. He is with me 24 / 7 when he is in town and has been since this has blown up and been a very learning experience in our lives. He is always with me regardless when he is here. Just how it is.

I guess some people just love drama. I am not one of them and keep it out of my life as much as possible.

Life can be sad. In the bigger picture of things. She and her opinions just don't matter in the long run.

Thank you for letting me vent in my own corner of the world. I hope everyone had a better week.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

My girlfriend Sandra closed her restaurant a month ago. Now she is doing cooking classes, wine pairings and cooking for private parties. She continues to amaze me with her resilience.

The wine pairing was fun to work. She needed someone to help. I love making easy money. It worked out well.

She found a kitchen appliance show room in Coral Gables that has the most amazing working kitchen in the show room. She rents it out for her functions. Her former customers love her cooking and follow her. Dinner was seriously yummy. I skipped the wine since I was there to work and pour all 5 different wines.

Work is seriously slow right now. I can't wait until this heat goes away just a little. Like lets get the heat index under 100 please. It has been dry and Africa hot.

Have a fun weekend. Mine is all family stuff. My oldest turns 32 tomorrow. The Wusband is in for the weekend.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I am dog sitting again. This time the dog is the size I like. Sprigs fits in well and is enjoying not having little kids around.
He and Izzie scratch at the door to get in while Shiloh lets them do all the work. Too funny.

Shiloh has been loving her nap time like usual with Izzie hanging in the background. Sprigs sleeps on the bed at home but I refuse to have 3 dogs in my bed.

Last night we celebrated Sandra's 52nd birthday. Fun times. The food was expensive and not worth the money.
Maria and I sent back our rack of lambs due to being well done. Not what we ordered at $30 per plate. They came out and dropped menus because they said they ran out of lamb. Personally I think the chef just didn't want to deal with us because he can't cook meat to temperature ordered. Just my opinion of course. Now there was nothing on the menu other than the lamb I felt like eating. And I am not that picky. So I didn't eat dinner. It was really late by the time dinner came out and I was over it.

Maria is a back up singer for K C & Sunshine band. Man can the girl sing. She is also a blast to hang out with. She and Sandra were both army wives in Sardinia, Italy back in the day. ( like 1980's) The Italian flies, funny.

The weather has finally cleared and I am going to work today. Bring on the golfers who want to tip the cart girl. Please.

This weekend I am riding come hell or high water. It is supposed to be clear and sunny. So my weekend will go like this. Sun, beach, ride, ride, sun , beach, and ride. My honey is working and I am going to a drag show tomorrow night with the girls. A Brad Paisley concert with my daughter and her friend Jen. So I should have a great weekend.

My honey is also going on vacation next week. Have fun. It is the first real vacation with no children, not being married and having the ex call him non stop after 1 day to come home and handle something. (I think I will delete his number so I am not tempted to call him. I won't though. he gets annoyed if I don't text him good morning) He is driving his truck back to Iowa, stopping at another pilot friends house, flying into Vegas to be picked up by private plane and flown to another pilots ranch in Arizona for a few days. All Air Force buddies he hasn't seen in forever. I told him to go have some down time and fun. I get the need to go do things you haven't had the chance to do. I left 8 yrs ago and have been doing what I want ever since.

Have a nice weekend.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Some days it pays to stay in bed.

Yesterday was such a day.

The gym was crazy weird people. Then off to work I go.

Dead. No money and I twisted my ankle. But the worst was biting into a hard pretzel and breaking a crown. I didn't just break it, it broke off my tooth. Now this is a crown I had put on in the last 2 yrs. The same tooth the endodontist had to work on for a root canal last summer. The same tooth my dentist charged me $900 to work on the tooth and repair the crown he swore would hold after the endodontist drilled thru it. I guess I was right in believing it wasn't going to hold. So I am calling this my $4,000 tooth. I am pissed. But being a silver lining kind of girl at least the tooth doesn't hurt.

My friends were all going riding last night. Nope. I wasn't chancing it. I had had a bad day and wasn't chancing it.

I have a busy riding weekend taking pictures for lots of events planned. But will my foot / ankle hold. I may have to tap my boyfriend to ride me around.

I am also watching a friends little dog for 12 days. Nice dog. My little Shiloh is not playing nice. I hope she calms down or it's going to be a long 12 days for sure. Right now I am rotating dogs around. Shiloh in 1 area, the other 2 in another, switch to outside, switch to inside front room. You get the idea.

Then add on menopause kicking in with hot flashes, night sweats etc. Guarenteed it had been creeping in, now it's just here.
I think it's not a good idea I am around people right now. I am just plain cranky.

Have a fun weekend.