Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's time for the final birthday of the year for our family.

This weekend we are celebrating our daughters 28th birthday. It's on the 30th, but she wants it this weekend.
So we are having 16 people or more at our new place. I sure hope they bring the drinks.
My daughter doesn't know about a few of our guests. She will love it. Some of our favorite people from Orlando.

My bee sting is still bothering me. I am having some kind of weird reaction. Today I just feel sick, achy. I shouldn't have gone to the gym. But I did anyway. I may or may not go tomorrow. I will see how I feel. And i need to get the house ready for company. Just the little things. I may just put the boxes in the garage and hide it. I have a back room that is out of sight and that puts it out of mind. Except when I go to the garage.

My landlord was in this week. The house is done except for painting the doors and door jams. He had to strip them this trip. What a mess. But I may just paint them for him. He works so hard. What an awesome guy.

Have a fun weekend everyone.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Lesson learned today.



And that is how my day was. It started at DMV getting my address changed(1 hr and $25 later)
Breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Then I sat on a bee and my day went down hill. I drove 4 hours home
from Central Florida on a sore butt.

The weekend was good. I rode up to my "wusbands" and went riding with him on his new bike.
We washed the SUV, gardened and pulled weeds. His place is really over grown since he went to Iraq.
I think he is really lonely. His girlfriend broke up with him while he was gone.
And it's the first time in his life he is alone. Life's lessons are hard sometimes.
Hung out with his friends floating around their pool. Nice people.

I enjoyed myself and not having any noise, pets and kids around. Nice breather.

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend and no one sat on a bee.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The kids gave me a fire pit for my birthday. Of course I had to use it even though it's still hot out.

I didn't get the dealing job. I did great at the audition. But I wasn't what they were looking for. 40 of us from the school applied. Only 8 made the cut. Go figure.

So I still go to the beach, the gym, ride my bike. Especially now that the garage door is fixed and the opener is installed. It is so easy to use now. And school of course. I just worked really hard to get on top of dealing for this audition. I am applying elsewhere.

My house is coming along. The rain has stopped and I am finding it tough to stay inside again. I will finish soon.

I hope all is well in your world.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I did it. I did really well on my audition today. A piece of cake. What an ego boost after the last one. It was very low key and I wasn't nervous. I don't know how well I did on the written test. Oh well . I did my best. But I kicked ass on the dealing audition. Feels good.

I treated myself tonight with a yummy dinner at the local English Pub by my new house. Chicken pie. Yummy. I also went for a nice ride on my bike. Tomorrow I go back to eating healthy and finish up the house.

I had a nice birthday and weekend. I was just really low key all weekend. Nice.

The animals love the new house. The girls and cat are totally in love with the back yard and the freedom of running without a leash. The cat stays in a lot. But has now started venturing out for small portions of time. He loves the back yard too. Go figure. He also has taken up sleeping on my bed. yuck. Cat hair.

Have an awesome week. I have a dentist appt tomorrow. Cleaning only. Thank God.

Friday, September 04, 2009

It"s my birthday. I am 51 today.
How did I get so old? I sure don't feel 51.

I wish it wouldn't rain today. Maybe I could dig my motorcycle out of the garage and finally go for a ride.
My son did manage to put all his DJ equipment up on a storage shelf. So now I can move my bike.

My ultimate day would be a ride to the gym, followed by the beach, a massage, then dinner with my family.
And a long ride some time during the day.

My real day will involve a car ride to the gym. (major thunder boomers and lighting in sight)
My landlord trying to finish up my house, family room 3rd coat of paint, my bathroom, sliding doors,
maybe paint the kitchen. ( My daughter and I can do it. Very small)
I should go to school for a final day of training before my audition on Tuesday.
A group of us got together last night and played and practiced. A few dealers were there. They said I did good.
I was the only one without an accent. Russia, Hungary, England, New Zealand, and another European. Nice people.
The dealers were really helpful.

My new landlord who is one of my dearest friends has not stopped since he got in town on Monday night. Talk about a man on a mission. He has mowed the back yard (think jungle), pulled out all the over growth from the front yard ( think tropical jungle), painted, painted and more paint. Fixed things that shouldn't have needed fixing. My bathroom turned into a nightmare from hell. He pulled the sliding door out. Power washed the tiles trying to get out the black mold , went to tighten the shower head and the pipe broke in the wall. Non ending. He will finish that today. And paint it of course. He is re- caulking it . He says he is ripping it out and redoing it in a few months.

The previous tenants were pigs. How could anyone let the mold grow like that. And paint colors from hell. It has taken 2 to 3 coats of paint to cover the colors they had. My land lord is loving the colors now. Looking good.

Tomorrow I am having a BBQ. So I still have lots to do.

Have a fun and safe Labor Day weekend.